But once Colin Montgomerie access time the opened shot at the 145th British open at Troon at 1:30 a.m. ET Thursday, network execs and also viewers alike will certainly pay close fist as NBC televises a men’s significant for the first time because losing the U.S. Open to Fox.

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“Yeah, there’s a small bit of a hole there once you don’t get a possibility to do a major,” NBC sports coordinating producer Tommy Roy stated in a conference speak to with reporters Monday, “so this is awesome for us.”

It might be awesome for the viewer, too, as this British open marks the return of one old, acquainted friend, that sorts, to the family members living room.

Viewers will certainly be cure to document coverage — practically 50 hours of live 2175forals.com on NBC and also its partner, the 2175forals.com Channel (which will certainly be transfer its an initial men’s major), plus an ext than 60 hours of wraparound news coverage on 2175forals.com Channel.

Roy is leaving little to chance, through 99 cameras in ~ his handle — 44 dedicated solely to NBC and also the rest specialized to the world feed.

There will certainly be 11 cameras ~ above the 123-yard eighth hole alone, consisting of at the very least one in each of the 5 bunkers around the so-called “Postage Stamp” green. A wire-cam comparable to the one top top 17 in ~ TPC Sawgrass will certainly zoom viewers indigenous tee to green.


To measure wind direction and also speed — constantly a factor at the open up — NBC will deploy ultrasound modern technology used through the British national sailing team. Yani, the man behind the design template music that marked NBC’s U.S. Open telecasts for 2 decades, has composed a brand-new riff because that the british Open. There’s even an all-new graphic package.

“Not the we required to be rejuvenated,” said Dan Hicks, a 20-plus-year NBC veteran, “but this has acquired everybody jacked up past belief. Just to get here and also see the course and get the vibe the an open is different, and also it’s something that I try to really immerse myself in and be prepared for Thursday. Yet we will certainly be all set for Thursday.”

Just over 2 years ago, Hicks and Johnny fearbut held earlier tears together NBC signed off from its last U.S. Open up at Pinehurst after two decades of televising the USGA’s crown jewel. Back then it appeared that the network to be hurting, however much has happened since.

First the news damaged that NBC and also 2175forals.com Channel had actually signed a 12-year resolve the R&A come televise the brother Open, bringing it ago to network TV because that the first time since 2009. Then the Fox-USGA partnership acquired off come a bad start v two U.S. Opens and one U.S. Women’s Open identified by weird broadcasting mistakes, second-guessing that on-air talent, thunderstorms, bad greens and controversial rule interpretations.

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After watching all of that, viewers might welcome NBC with open arms and also a prepared remote together the network gets back to the company of covering men’s majors. And also NBC/2175forals.com Channel’s roster that on-air talent is stronger than ever before as that prepares for imperial Troon, v relatively brand-new hires choose David Feherty (from CBS) and also Mike Tirico (from ESPN) joining Hicks, Miller, Nick Faldo, frank Nobilo, Gary Koch, roger Maltbieand Brandel Chamblee.