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Taylor exit the adhering to statement through her attorneys, “As a rape victim the Antonio Brown, deciding come speak out has been one incredibly daunting decision. Ns have found strength in my faith, mine family, and from the accounts of various other survivors of sex-related assault.Speaking out clears the shame the I have felt for the past year and places the on the human being responsible because that my rape. I will certainly cooperate v the NFL and also any other agencies; however, at this time, i respectfully request the the media you re welcome respect mine privacy.”

She is represented by Florida-based lawyer David Haas, new York lawyer Jonathan Abady and Florida attorney Marshelle Brooks.

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Taylor accuses Brown of sexual battery (rape), battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress, false imprisonment and also invasion the privacy. She is seeking damages and also compensation because that “all non-monetary and also compensatory harm, including, however not restricted to, compensation for she physical injuries, pain and also suffering, humiliation, embarrassment, stress and also anxiety, ns of self- esteem and self-confidence, and also emotional pain and also suffering.”

The lawsuit to be filed in southerly Florida, wherein Brown lives.

Taylor has known Brown since college, follow to the lawsuit. Lock met with the Fellowship the Christian Athletes team while they to be both at central Michigan, and she to be paired v Brown as her scriptures study partner throughout the very first meeting she attended. According to her attorneys, the two stayed in touch together Brown made it come the NFL and also became a star vast receiver.

“In roughly 2013, Ms. Taylor’s senior year at LSU, Brown sent her a article on social media, questioning for a photo of her. Ms. Taylor sent him a picture of her face. Dissatisfied, Brown asked for a more revealing one. Ms. Taylor refused, recall Brown the they were simply friends,” her attorneys wrote. “For about four year after Ms. Taylor graduated from LSU, the two dropped out of touch. In June 2017, Brown got to out come Ms. Taylor via facebook asking her how she was doing.”

Taylor’s attorneys speak he inquiry her about the plans because that a gym she was opened in Tennessee.

“During the course of this put in order contact, Brown suggested he want Ms. Taylor’s help improving flexibility and also strength in his ankles and also fast twitch muscle – locations in i m sorry she had emerged expertise v gymnastics,” Taylor’s attorneys wrote. “As a result, the 2 agreed that Ms. Taylor would carry out physical training services to Brown. The setup between them consisted of Ms. Taylor flying to places in Pittsburgh and Florida where Brown had actually homes and also where he trained. Ms. Taylor never ever dated or had an attention in any romantic connection with Brown. Their relationship, as far as Ms. Taylor believed and also behaved, was the of a ‘brother-sister’ type.”

Taylor says the sex-related assaults emerged in 2017 and also 2018 if she was functioning for Brown.

Taylor’s attorneys to speak she seek guidance from her church after the alleged rape and also a leader there was a previous assistant ar attorney and also sex crime prosecutor in new York. She attorneys speak the former prosecutor “recognized the indications of trauma” in Taylor and also recommended she look for legal counsel.

“Since the time, Ms. Taylor has actually taken a polygraph examination. The was carried out by one of the nation’s leading examiners, who previously led the FBI’s polygraph program. Ms. Taylor had actually to relive the trauma of these occasions through this examination. The polygraph examination confirmed her totally truthful account that, in June 2017, Brown ejaculated on her without her consent and also that, in might 2018, that Brown raped her,” her attorneys wrote.


2. Taylor i graduated From LSU, where She to be a Star Gymnast, After summary Attending central Michigan with Brown, where They Met in scriptures Study


Taylor met Brown while examining at central Michigan University, wherein she minored in business, and was a student-athlete. During her 2 years there, in between 2009 and also 2011, she to be the coach and choreographer at Storm Gymnastics.

Taylor, who started training in gymnastics once she was 3, available 14 complete college scholarships, go on to transfer to Louisiana State University. She was on the gymnastics team for the LSU Tigers and also graduated in 2013 through a degree in sports management and organization management.

Taylor is a Memphis, Tennessee, native, and attended Ridgeway High School and was a gymnast for the river City Gymnastics club, follow to she profile ~ above the LSU website. She to be an all-around gymnast because that the Tigers.

The tigers website lists some of her countless LSU accomplishments, “outstanding contender who only obtained stronger together her last season progressed … Led the team with a 9.90 ~ above beam in the NCAA Super six Finals (4/20), marking the third-best beam score in ~ the NCAA Championships in LSU history … directly missed All-SEC honors ~ above beam after ~ she score a career-high 9.925 in ~ the SEC Championship (3/23) … Saw action on vault, beam and also floor throughout the season, competing eight time on vault, seven times top top beam and three ~ above floor … Shattered her career highs on vault, beam and floor through posting a 9.925 on vault at Auburn (2/22), a 9.925 top top beam in ~ the SEC Championship and a 9.85 on floor in ~ Auburn and at north Carolina State (3/15).”

She was likewise a top athlete at main Michigan, earning second-team all-conference honors in the Mid-American Conference in 2011 and also was the student in the first year of the year for the MAC in 2010, before deciding to deliver to LSU.

“Taylor started gymnastics once she was just three years old and soon came to be ecognized together an athlete with superior abilities, discipline and also dedication. In high school, she trained double a day because that a complete of 40 hrs per week, in enhancement to she course work. She got to ‘Elite’ level, meaning she to be eligible to contend for international competitions choose the Olympics,” she attorneys created in the lawsuit. “She prospered in the sport also though she regularly worked v unsupportive and also verbally abusive coaches and was practically always the lone African-American gymnast on she team and at meets.”


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According come the Britney’s LinkedIn profile, Taylor has actually long to be involved and working in the gymnastics community. As well as a 2 year stint together an assistant manager at Republic Finance while living in Gonzales, Louisiana, she went back to athletics together a house school head coach for Conxion Gymnastics.

Now, Taylor trains young gymnasts in ~ Taylor’Ed Gymnastics, a studio i m sorry she own in Memphis. She will be inducted right into the inaugural Tennessee Gymnastics room of call this coming year.

In the lawsuit versus Brown, Taylor says that the trauma has actually made it extremely complicated for she to preserve her duties at she gym. “She knows the she is a duty model because that the 50 young girls that she trains. She knows that that they count on her and also that castle look as much as her. But since this the rape, she has substantial challenge even going come work.”

Her attorneys wrote in the lawsuit that Brown, “comes from a highly religious and close-knit family.”

According to the lawsuit, “Taylor pursued her lifelong dream of opening a gymnastics training facility for mostly African-American girl in she hometown the Memphis. She want to develop a safe and supportive setting for young girl of shade to prosper in the sport of gymnastics – something that was often missing for her once she to be a young girl.”

Her attorneys added, “Taylor opened her training facility in 2016. Her company grew quickly since of her expertise of gymnastics and her devotion to she students. She even covered the cost of tuition for number of students whose families were unable to afford it. After much less than a year, she was training about 50 students and had an additional 200 college student on her wait list.”

4. Taylor claims the Alleged Rape Damaged Her relationship With she Fiance, who She Married top top September 15

After news of her lawsuit became public, it appears the 28-year-old deleted her Instagram and Facebook pages. Perhaps, anticipating the amount of public her case would bring considering Brown is an extremely high-profile athlete on the nationwide stage, this might be her way of protecting herself, and those close to her, consisting of mother Bridget Taylor.

Her now-deleted Instagram profile contained a line in her bio indicating she has actually been engaged because May 2018. ESPN’s Adam Schefer reports that Taylor was getting married the weekend that September 14 ahead of her meeting v NFL investigators.

Taylor states in the lawsuit the the attack has already had a profound and negative impact on her an individual life.

Her attorneys wrote, “Her permanent boyfriend, whom she had actually been dating on and also off ever due to the fact that high school, proposed come her less than 2 weeks after she to be raped through Brown. What should have been just one of the most exciting times in she life has been totally derailed and also complicated. It took she months come tell her fiancé what occurred, and also that disclosure placed a significant strain on their relationship.”

According come the lawsuit, Taylor’s attorneys likewise say she feared Brown could have given her a sexually sent an illness or gotten her pregnant.

“For months after the rape, Ms. Taylor go her finest to placed what taken place out of she mind. Together is usual with plenty of victims the rape, she do attempts to live she life together if nothing happened,” the lawsuit states. She attorneys say the was “unsustainable,” and also she suffered from anxiety and also became deeply depressed, taking care of panic attacks, suicidal thoughts and also insomnia.

“It has been extremely daunting for she to process that Brown could betray and also violate she so completely. Brown devastated her sense of self, do her inquiry her worth as a woman and human being, and also caused her to concern whom she can trust,” she attorneys wrote.

Taylor and also Kristin Owens, longtime boyfriend, currently husband, to be married on September 15, a day prior to she met with NFL investigators. Owens is a previous football player for the university of Tennessee-Chattanooga. They to be married in Taylor’s hometown the Memphis.

5. Brown rejected a $2 Million Settlment offer From Taylor’s Attorneys After month of Negotiations, Reports

According come a report from, attorneys representing Antonio Brown and also Britney Taylor have been involved in confidential negotiation negotiations for months before the lawsuit was filed. The talks were confidential. ESPN reports the Taylor’s attorneys offered Brown a $2 million settlement agreement, but he garbage it.

“Brown had actually a deadline critical Sunday night to authorize the negotiation agreement prior to Taylor’s attorneys sought to document their polite lawsuit versus him. After ~ Brown didn’t authorize off on the settlement, the fit was filed Tuesday,” ESPN wrote. “Settlement discussions started as early as April and also included 2 mediations, among which emerged in May, sources familiar with the talks told (Jeff) Darlington.”’s Ian Rapoport also revealed that another NFL player remained in Brown’s home when Taylor claims Brown raped her. The player, Baltimore Ravens rookie wide receiver Marquise “Hollywood” Brown, is Antonio’s cousin and is not accused of any wrongdoing.

“Either way, this week should be telling. Taylor, that was to obtain married this weekend, will certainly speak to the organization soon. That won’t it is in all,” Rapoport wrote. “There was an additional football player, a rookie, who was in the house when Taylor alleges an event took place, the sue says. Every the rules, that person will also be compelled to accomplish with investigators. Over there may likewise be added evidence from both sides not yet make public. In other words, Brown dram today, however this is merely the beginning.”

In the lawsuit, Taylor’s attorneys speak the first sexual assault developed on a training expedition in 2017:

During a training expedition in beforehand June 2017, Ms. Taylor to be in one of Brown’s houses in the Pittsburgh area, where she to be staying since he had not booked she a hotel room. She was gaining dressed in one upstairs bathroom when Brown to walk in through his prick exposed. She automatically covered her eyes through her hands and walked the end of the bathroom. Brown then grabbed and also kissed she without she consent. Ms. Taylor propelled him away and immediately left the room.

Brown’s actions made Ms. Taylor exceptionally uncomfortable. She was in a long-term and also serious partnership with another man and also had no interest in a sexual connection with Brown. But, due to the fact that her expert relationship v Brown was important and because she take it it seriously, Ms. Taylor willed it s her to brush off the episode, hoping the Brown would avoid pursuing her.

Taylor’s attorneys say in so late June 2017, Brown and Taylor to be watching a church business together on her iPad at his home in Miami when the 2nd incident occurred:

As they had throughout their college Christian fellowship days, they frequently read scriptures, prayed or watched services together throughout training visits. Top top this occasion, Brown was behind Ms. Taylor as they watched the business on she tablet. Unbeknownst to Ms. Taylor, when she was focused on the spiritual video, Brown began masturbating behind her. Prior to she knew that or understood what to be happening, Brown ejaculated top top her.

Specifically, Ms. Taylor feeling a wet spot on her earlier and then suddenly realized what had happened. Completely disgusted, Ms. Taylor exclaimed, ‘Ewww!’ Brown, unfazed by her reaction, jokingly responded, ‘oh B… friend know, I’m sorry’ and then left the room. Ms. Taylor to be dismayed, confused and embarrassed. She referred to as her mother, that advised she to instantly leave.

She additionally confided in Brown’s chef, who she had actually befriended, around what happened and stated that she would not be return to work-related for Brown. Soon thereafter, she obtained a text blog post from Brown informing her she to be fired.

Taylor’s attorneys to speak in the lawsuit that Brown bragged in a text message around masturbating top top her, saying he “jack d*ck top top back.”

Taylor’s attorney states she cut off all call with Brown after that incident. Yet in February 2018, she says Brown got to out to she again, “thanking she for assist in the off-season and stating that he would love to proceed working with her under the ‘right circumstance.’ He likewise mentioned the unlike many of the other world that surrounding him, she had ‘a good heart and also . . . Cared about him."” her attorneys say she didn’t respond.

In early March 2018, Brown texted her and also asked if she hated him. Follow to the sue he said,”‘I apologize very first off v so much going on about me and also my actions.’ the asked for she to train the again, assuring she that things would be different.”

Taylor claimed she agreed, yet only if Brown agreed to protect against flirting through her and listed her separate hotel accomodations as soon as she came to train him. In April 2018, she started working with him throughout off-season weekends.

According to the lawsuit, the third incident, the alleged rape, emerged on may 20, 2018, once Brown invited Taylor and also another soccer player that trained with them, who is not called in the lawsuit, come go the end in Miami. ~ they went back to his house from a club, she attorneys say:

Ms. Taylor to be planning to immediately drive to she hotel room yet went right into Brown’s house to usage the restroom and also grab part food indigenous the kitchen. If Ms. Taylor to be walking toward the prior door, Brown grabbed her arm, told she he wanted to talk to her, and also pulled her into his bedroom. Castle chatted for a few minutes, and also when Ms. Taylor visited walk out of the room, Brown cornered her and pulled her under on the bed on she stomach, pushing her challenge down right into the mattress.

She attempted come physically resist, yet he pinned her down so that she was unable to fight back. As she struggled, the lifted her dress and also told her, ‘you understand you want this.’ Ms. Taylor pleaded through him, shouting ‘no’ and ‘stop.’ but Brown refused and proceeded with an excellent violence to pass through her. Ms. Taylor protested and also cried the entire time. As soon as Brown lastly released her, Ms. Taylor stood up in a state of trauma and shock, crying in prior of him.

Devastated and disoriented, she ran right into his foyer and also collapsed ~ above the ground. No one came to her rescue or to assist her in any kind of way. She was completely alone. At some point she summoned the strength to pick herself turn off the floor, do it to the door, acquire into she car and also drive — dazed and also emotionally shattered—to her hotel. She was so worn down that she fell asleep in ~ a stoplight top top the journey back.

According to she attorneys, Taylor went earlier to Brown’s house the next day to retrieve her belongings and they speak she approached Brown to talk about what happened. She states he said her, “You do me feel choose a genuine rapist.”

Brown’s attorney exit the adhering to statement top top the NFL player’s behalf, in which the denies every one of Taylor’s claims. Brown says that Taylor continued communications with Mr. Brown transparent 2018, asked because that NFL tickets, and has continually posted photographs the Mr. Brown on her social media in an effort to financially benefit from his celebrity.

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“Mr. Brown denies each and every allegation in the lawsuit. That will pursue all legit remedies to not just clear his name, however to additionally protect other expert athletes versus false accusations. Mr. Brown to be approached through his accuser in 2017, quickly after Mr. Brown signed a contract making him the greatest paid vast receiver in the NFL.”

“At the time, Mr. Brown was asked come invest $1.6 million in the accuser’s organization project. Mr. Brown to be not informed by his accuser the she had just been levied v a $30K IRS taxation lien or that $300K of the $1.6 million so dubbed “investment” was to be offered to acquisition property currently owned by the accuser and also her mother.”


— Darren Heitner (

“When Mr. Brown refused to make the $1.6 million “investment,” the accuser supposedly reduced off communications with Brown. However, in 2018, the accuser resurfaced and also offered to take trip to Pennsylvania and also South Florida to train Mr. Brown because that the upcoming season.”

“Thereafter, the accused engaged Mr. Brown in a consensual personal relationship. Any type of sexual interaction with Mr. Brown was completely consensual. The accuser not just traveled come Mr. Brown’s residences on multiple occasions, she travel to Tennessee come Florida and returned in ~ 2 a.m. To Mr. Brown’s residence ten days after the alleged assault.”

According come ESPN’s Josina Anderson, Brown plans come countersue Taylor for civil extortion. Taylor’s attorneys have actually not comment to Brown’s statement.

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