Brittany Aldean is one American model, singer, professional cheerleader, YouTube star, and social media personality. Brittany Aldean got her popular after participated in the famous American singing reality display American Idol (season 11). She is additionally known as the wife of country music star Jason Aldean.

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Brittany Kerr Aldean to be born on 19th June 1988 in phibìc Carolina, the United claims of America. She is 32 year old, follow to her date of birth. She belongs to an American citizen and has a zodiac sign of Gemini. In addition, she belongs come the Caucasian ethnicity. Moreover, she is the daughter the Donald Kerr and also Debbie Kerr. Talking about her sibling, she has actually a brother named Hunter Dane Kerr. She parents prospered up through Brittany and also her brother in their hometown.

Talking about Brittany’s education qualification, she studied at her local high school in north Carolina. ~ completing she graduation indigenous high school, she attend the A & M university Normal, Alabama. And also she graduated v a degree in Human eco-friendly Science. In her high college time, she was a cheerleader.

Professional career


Caption: Brittany Aldean posing for a photograph (Source: Instagram)

Talking about Brittany’s expert career, she obtained a opportunity on the Charlotte Bobcats’ Lady cats Dance Team native 2011 to 2012 as a cheerleader. Together a model, she had likewise participated in the Victoria secret model search dispute in 2011. Moreover, she auditioned for American Idol’s eleventh season, wherein she progressed to the Hollywood round just to it is in knocked out before the contestants started performing in front of a live audience. Brittany is the owner the Hi-Line Detailing automobile Services Company.

As a YouTube star

Brittany is also a social media personality. She has gained millions of followers on she social media platform. She has actually a YouTube channel top top her own name ‘Brittany Aldean’. Moreover, she introduced her YouTube channel ~ above October 12, 2016. Brittany is a wife, mother, and animal lover. She is passionate around all things choose hair, skin, makeup, and also beauty. In she YouTube channel, she likes come share her daily lifestyle, makeup, and beauty tips. Together of now, on she YouTube channel, over there are more than 40k subscribers. As well as that, among her renowned videos top top YouTube is well-known as “Brittany Layne: Q & A v Husband!”.

Achievements and Net Worth

Talking around Brittany’s awards and also nominations, she hasn’t winner them for this reason far. Top top the various other hand, she husband Jason has actually earned number of awards in his skilled career. He was awarded masculine Vocalist that the Year at the ‘ACM Awards’. Likewise, he has actually won CMT Music Awards, American country Awards, Billboard Touring Awards, and many more. He has been likewise nominated because that “Grammy Awards”.

Being a model, singer, and social media personality, she has earned huge money end the years. Talking around her network worth, that is estimated to it is in $10 Million. As well as that, there is no thorough information regarding her income and salary. Top top the various other hand, her husband’s network worth is estimated at roughly $80 million which he earned together Singer, Musician, Actor.

Relationship Status


Caption: Brittany Aldean through her husband Jason Aldean (Source: Instagram)

Brittany Aldean is a married woman. On 21st march 2015, she married the well-known singer Jason Aldean. once Brittany was a contestant ~ above the American Idol show. She met the singer Jason Aldean. And also started dating each other during the show in 2012. The couple has two kids, a 2-year-old boy Memphis and a 1-year-old daughter Navy.

Talking around Brittany’s rumors and also controversy, she’s not a part of them until now. Besides that, Brittany is focusing on her personal and experienced life. Furthermore, Brittany Aldean prefers to continue to be away native rumors and controversy.

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Body Measurement and Social media


Caption: Brittany Aldean human body measurement (Source: Instagram)

She is energetic on social media communication such as Instagram, Facebook, and also Twitter. On she Facebook, over there are more than 495k followers. On she Instagram, there are an ext than 1.9 million followers. Likewise, on Twitter, there are much more than 14k followers.