Brock Lesnar has been a heel throughout many of his WWE career. If he return to television soon, WWE have to make him a babyface.

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If Brock Lesnar returns to the squared circle in the not-so-distant future, WWE have to take benefit of the chance to shot something considerably different.

an ext specifically, the possibility to make the legendary longtime hoe a babyface.

Lesnar has actually been away from WWE programming because he shed the WWE Championship to attracted McIntyre at WrestleMania 36 — nearly 16 month ago. His contract supposedly expired critical summer, and also there is no schedule on once Lesnar might return.

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it doesn't sound favor he'll return back for SummerSlam season. WWE Champion Bobby Lashley is feuding through Goldberg, and Universal Champion roman inn Reigns is set to clash with John Cena. So the doesn't make feeling for Lesnar come return until after the Aug. 21 pay-per-view.


suspect Lesnar return to WWE in ~ some suggest after SummerSlam? Here's why WWE should go interlocutor by turning him face.

WWE Needs new Babyfaces on The main Roster

on Raw, attracted McIntyre prospered as the top babyface that for practically 18 months, yet his main event run is ~ above hiatus.

Kofi Kingston lost a WWE Championship match to Lashley in ~ Money in the Bank. That regimen is seemingly over now that the Almighty is feuding through Goldberg, who's only a short-term opponent for Lashley.

WWE might place Keith Lee and/or Riddle into the main occasion scene, however Vince McMahon never seems crawl on the idea of pushing NXT call-ups this days. Also if Lee or Riddle obtain a gigantic push, it's i can not qualify to happen any kind of time soon.


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top top SmackDown, Reigns has currently feuded with most of the top encounters — Kevin Owens, Cesaro and Edge. Currently he's in a regimen with Cena. Yet like Goldberg and Lashley, the Reigns-Cena regimen will likely be short. Large E is all set for a main occasion push. You have to think he'll have a successful Money in the bank cash-in, either against Lashley or Reigns.

yet WWE is lacking in established, main event veteran babyfaces on the roster. Having large E and Lesnar both contend as babyfaces over the long run? Those would note two crafty changes, alright.


Lesnar has actually Nothing more To attain As A Heel

It's hard to argue that Lesnar will constantly be a far better heel contrasted to a babyface. Yet at this stage of his career, you have to ask: What an ext does he have to achieve as a villain?

He ended The Undertaker's perfect WrestleMania streak. He finished the main occasion pushes and also championship dreams of numerous fan favorites. What more does WWE want from the heel variation of Lesnar?

since his return to the WWE in 2012, the 44-year-old has virtually only operated as a heel. He's received the strange babyface therapy (SummerSlam 2015 vs The Undertaker, for example), however otherwise it's been nothing yet heel work.


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Lesnar is together a large main event draw and also it just wouldn't take it much initiative whatsoever to win over the pan again. Part-timers like Edge, Goldberg and Cena can quickly garner huge support, so why have to it be a trouble for Lesnar?

He has nothing left to attain as a heel. The next chapter the Lesnar's illustrious WWE career need to consist that a huge babyface run. It's time to change things up.

Dream Feud: Heel roman inn Reigns Vs Babyface Brock Lesnar

roman reigns paul hello brock lesnar
Reigns is shining together the key heel end on SmackDown. His partnership through Paul Heyman has actually been nothing brief of brilliant. And also WWE might use it to set up the possibility of one more feud in between Lesnar and also Reigns.


Except, a third Lesnar-Reigns regimen would have a giant exemption from 2015 and 2018: Lesnar would certainly be the babyface, and also Reigns would occupational as the heel. Surely, that would certainly go end much better with the fans together opposed to babyface Reigns vs hoe Lesnar.

Think that the possible storyline WWE could run here: Lesnar returns and also eyes revenge top top Heyman because that siding with Reigns.

This would go a long means in elevating Reigns' super stardom, and it would provide fans a brand new version of Brock Lesnar to get behind. This is the form of readjust that the existing WWE product truly needs.

Lesnar is just one of the few candidates who could realistically defeat Reigns. The latter could take a clean ns or two and not lose any kind of of his character momentum whatsoever. This is an additional reason why Lesnar vs Reigns would work so well.


As previously noted, Reigns has already worked with several prominent faces on SmackDown. His feud v Cena will most likely be short. Therefore he's walking to require a long-term opponent, and also the babyface variation of Lesnar provides all the sense in the world.

throw in the whole Paul heyman factor, and you have actually a marquee feud that can take the heritages of both Lesnar and Reigns to new heights. This would certainly be an epic program that fans would certainly happily cheer on and also support.

Lesnar vs Heyman and Reigns. That dream program alone have to prompt WWE to make the former a challenge if that returns.

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