Brock Lesnar appears to be on a collision course through The Wyatt family members heading right into WrestleMania 32.Credit:

It\"s the morning ~ WWE imperial Rumble 2016, and also neither Brock Lesnar nor roman inn Reigns is WWE civilization heavyweight champion.

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But that doesn\"t average either Superstar is directionless. ~ above the contrary, both have very clear courses on the roadway to WrestleMania adhering to the company\"s very first pay-per-view that 2016. 

Throughout the imperial Rumble match, Reigns overcame every feasible shot thrown in ~ him by The Authority. That was entered as the an initial participant by WWE CEO Vince McMahon. He was dragged indigenous the ring and battered by The league of nations with McMahon looking on.

He to be taken out of the enhance by medics, just to return and also face down Triple H. That was amongst the last three participants until Triple H tossed him over the top rope. 

There shouldn\"t be any question concerning the direction roman Reigns heads on the road to WrestleMania. Reigns is on a collision course with Triple H. The real question becomes: when will the next meeting take place? 

Mike Chiari

As much as I'm a large HHH fan, i don't love him having actually the title because it's so evident he'll fall it come Reigns at WrestleMania #RoyalRumble

Does WWE wait until WrestleMania 32 to have these two challenge off, or will certainly it come at the company\"s following pay-per-view, WWE Fastlane 2016? WWE is already on a slippery slope v Reigns, also after he properly wooed the WWE universe over the past year adhering to his imperial Rumble win in 2015. 


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Reigns was continuously booed by pan in Orlando, Florida, top top Sunday night. By advertise him also hard, WWE dangers losing every the great that was accumulated on his journey to winning the WWE title late last year. Reigns ending Triple H\"s world title run at an early stage at Fastlane could be, together the COO would certainly say, ideal for business.

It would permit Reigns to develop to a suitable WrestleMania match versus someone the The Authority\"s choosing, permitting Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and Vince McMahon to stay in the story but in the periphery.

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Very blended reaction for
WWERomanReigns. World are torn in between hatred & indifference #RoyalRumble

The clever money is ~ above WWE holding this bout till the granddaddy that them all in Dallas, a relocate that might backfire ~ above the company and its optimal babyface. According to Justin LaBar, WWE analyst for the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, a Reigns-Triple H WrestleMania main occasion needs to it is in \"as sexy together possible,\" probably featuring an all-star lineup that has The Rock, Ronda Rousey and stone Cold Steve Austin.

As because that Lesnar, WWE royal Rumble 2016 made the clear that he\"ll be clashing through The Wyatt family members in the main leading approximately WrestleMania 32. Lesnar dominated The Wyatts throughout the Rumble match, removed Luke Harper, Braun Strowman and also Erick Rowan in convincing fashion. It was just thanks to interference indigenous those very same Wyatts that Lesnar himself was eliminated.

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This is money. #WWE #RoyalRumble

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At the very least we know it's Brock/Bray in ~ Mania... #RoyalRumble

WWE has a number of options for this feud. The Beast Incarnate is advertised for following month\"s Fastlane pay-per-view, where he\"ll likely confront one or more of The Wyatt Family. The idea has actually been pitched for WrestleMania 32 but could start at Fastlane now that Lesnar is supposedly not in the WWE title photo (h/t daily Wrestling News).

If Lesnar vs. The Wyatts does occur at Fastlane, suppose it to finish with a non-finish, setting up a similar match at WrestleMania 32. Or it might create a once-in-a-lifetime spectacle because that its Dallas mega-event that no one is anticipating. 

Currently, The Undertaker is there is no an opponent for WrestleMania 32. Might Vince McMahon decide come pair one aging Deadman with Lesnar to compete against The Wyatt Family? would such a matchup it is in too similar to Survivor collection 2015, once The Phenom and also his brother, Kane, defeated The Wyatt family handily?

It\"s nothing much more than speculation, however it would certainly be a blockbuster co-main event that would carry two adversaries together, thus creating major hype. 

Whether or no such a pairing in reality happens, Lesnar vs. The Wyatt family members is happening. It\"s a matter of whereby the piece fall and which—or much more apt, exactly how many—Wyatts acquire served come The Beast Incarnate. 

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Bray Wyatt vs Brock Lesnar at #WrestleMania? Yes, please. #WWE #RoyalRumble