Broken arrowhead High School’s Andrew Copeland and Beth Penrice, both seniors, run to the tune “Footloose” Thursday throughout the last filming of their newest “lip dub” video with lip-synching and choreography end ‘80s-themed pop music . CORY YOUNG/Tulsa World

Cory Young

BROKEN arrow — hundreds of Broken arrowhead High institution students pull in ’80s garb sang and danced Thursday together they started filming the college year’s yearly “lip dub” video.

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For example, rather of including individual scenes v every sporting activities team, Spencer stated this year’s video clip will have one scene because that girls athletics and another for boys; that way they can incorporate the school’s present choir and other clubs.

It also will have an ext of a music video feel than a true lip dub, i beg your pardon are frequently filmed with one camera in one liquid take, he said.

Initially, Spencer claimed he and also the students want to use current songs and film components of the video clip at school dances and parades, but those attempts were unsuccessful.

The idea for the ’80s theme came when senior Noah Osborne to be at a leadership event and also learned a dance to “Footloose” through Kenny Loggins. He thought it would certainly be perfect for the closing number. From there, the entire video clip morphed to have an ’80s vibe.

Spencer and some students began filming the video clip Thursday. They room filming out of order, starting with the final number. More than 200 students were intended to be involved in that scene.

After last year’s lip dub to be featured ~ above Buzzfeed, teenager Vogue, MTV, Mashable and also every regional media outlet, Spencer and Osborne said they feeling some press to make this year “bigger and also better.”

“But really, in the lengthy run, the just more about just making one awesome video clip for ourselves and just having fun while doing it,” Osborne said. “It’s not also nerve-racking, yet it is something come think about.”

In retrospect, Spencer stated he remembered feeling great about last school year’s product and thought it could attract some neighborhood buzz, yet said the didn’t intend it to obtain national attention.

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This year the is no making predictions and also just hopes he can edit together something because that the college student to be proud of.

“Even if you try to create some kind of viral video, it simply kind of wake up or the doesn’t,” the said. “There’s no precise recipe for success.”



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