I knew the ride was going come be challenging as quickly as i stepped out of the car in front of damaged Spoke Bikes’ eco-friendly Bay shop. Together the danes say, it was blowing fifty percent a pelican (det blæser en halv pelican), i beg your pardon is their means of saying it is a windy day. Not only that, the mercury was hovering around 35 degrees and also the forecast referred to as for rain appropriate after noon, roughly the time we would certainly be gaining to Denmark. Oh well, complete Flanders points for all today!

Over a river and through the fields, come Denmark us did go!

With the strong winds and riders of quite wide-ranging abilities, us knew the team would break up as soon as we struggle the public open nation roads. We had actually that extended as a grasp of riders had the path on Garmins or phones. The arrangement was that someone with the route would rod with any groups who dropped off or went off the front.

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Sure enough, that wasn’t long before the elastic broke in between the Tête de la course, the Arrière du peloton and the key group. As soon as that happened, the main team stopped and we let the leaders ride far (have friend noticed that I’m never ever with the leaders?) while we waited for the tail to capture up. At that point we agreed that one of the riders that knew the area and had a gps would take the slower group on a brief cut come Denmark, skipping most of the big climbs and saving castle 10 mile or so. The remainder of united state kept following the initial route.

Most riders appeared to be the end of gas by the time we make it come Denmark, which was perfect, because Suster’s is the local favorite because that broasted chicken! for the few readers who don’t know, broasting is a technique of cooking that involves deep frying under pressure. Fittingly, prefer the hamburger and also malted milk, that was invented in Wisconsin! i ordered 2 pieces that white meat, which came through a an option of potatoes, slaw, and a roll for much less than $7! add a gigantic coke with a shooting of Jim Beam and I to be stuffed and also smiling for less than a ten spot.

It’s a dessert, duh!
Knee caps space yummy, yet not really finger food.
We might not happen up this picture op!

That seemed strangely proper in Denmark, because the Danes are so proud of their open challenged sandwiches called “Smørrebrød.” The ideal I can do to pronounce it is come say smerburl. Mine friends in Copenhagen have an extremely politely never ever corrected me, but that really isn’t it. I can hear that to to speak it correctly, however I can’t gain my mouth to do the ideal sounds.

After we stuffed ourselves and also paid our extremely reasonable bills, us stepped external for a group photo that the tool paced crew. The rapid guys and also the short-cutters had left prior to we acquired there. Due to the wind, a couple people determined to bail and made the call of shame for a drive back. No issues though, ns was happy everyone made it come Denmark.

Our ride ago featured a tail wind many of the means and the rise up the famous Scray’s Hill, which was undoubtedly the many punchy climb of the day. The reward for our efforts was a long greatly downhill ride back almost right into town. Allow me tell you, nobody was complaining about 40+ mph there is no pedaling after every the riding uphill into the wind we did today.

It was no long before we were ago riding follow me the Fox flow on the exorbitant trail and then in downtown Titletown. Our team stopped because that one much more iconic photograph by the Titletown Brewery. No, us did no go in for one though! I’ll save that for my following trip to green Bay.

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I want to speak a large thanks come George and also all the crew from broken Spoke because that coming up with an great route. Thanks as well to the brave riders that took part in our 4th Spring standard Ride.