Degeneracy pressure is the source of the pressure that stop the like of gravity in every the following other than a. A ghost star. B. A white dwarf. C. A an extremely massive main-sequence star. D. A brown dwarf. E. The central core that the sun after hydrogen fusion ceases but before helium combination begins.

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The an ext massive the white dwarf, the greater the degeneracy pressure and the faster the speed of that electrons. Close to 1.4 solar masses, the speed of the electrons method the speed of light, so much more mass can not be added without breaking the degeneracy pressure.
Suppose a white dwarf is getting mass since of accretion in a binary system. What wake up if the mass sooner or later reaches the 1.4-solar-mass limit?
The white dwarf experience a catastrophic collapse, causing a form of supernova that is somewhat various from the which wake up in a substantial star yet is similar in energy.
Observationally, how can we phone call the difference between a white-dwarf supernova and also a massive-star supernova?
The spectrum the a massive-star supernova shows prominent hydrogen lines, while the spectrum the a white-dwarf supernova walk not.
Which that the adhering to is closest in dimension (radius) come a spirit star? a. 1 solar fixed b. 1.4 solar masses c. There is no top limit. D. There is an upper limit less than 3 solar masses, but we execute not however know precisely what that is. E. Precisely 2 solar masses
Which the the following is closest in dimension (radius) to a spirit star? a. A football stadium b. A city c. Earth d. A basketball e. The Sun
An object the emits flicker of light several times per 2nd or more, with close to perfect regularity
As the star spins, beams of radio radiation sweep through space. If among the beams crosses Earth, we observe a pulse.
During a supernova, if a star is substantial enough for its gravity to get rid of neutron degeneracy the the core, the core will certainly be compressed till it becomes a black color hole.

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It is the facility of the black color hole, a place of infinite thickness where the recognized laws that physics cannot define the conditions.
Which of this objects has actually the smallest radius? a. A 1.2MSunwhite dwarf b. A 0.6MSun white dwarf c. Jupiter
Which of these objects has the largest radius? a. A 1.2MSun white dwarf b. A 1.5MSun neutron star c. A 3.0MSun black hole
What would take place to a ghost star through an accretion disc orbiting in a direction opposite come the spirit star’s spin?