Feb 24, 2016; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Buffalo receipt head coach Rex Ryan speak to the media throughout the 2016 NFL Scouting integrate at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Trevor Ruszkowski-USA today Sports

The Buffalo Bills have actually eight selections in this spring’s 2016 NFL Draft. Right here is the latest mock draft for the Bills, hoping to accomplish all their needs.

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The 2015 Buffalo bills went 8-8 and also finished in 3rd place in the AFC eastern under new head coach Rex Ryan. Buffalo at times in 2015 looked like an AFC Playoff team due to the fact that of their boosted play in ~ quarterback thanks to agree Bowler Tyrod Taylor and Ryan’s patented blitz-heavy pass rush ~ above the defensive line.

Lawler to be a favourite target of quarterback Jared Goff while playing for the golden Bears the last couple of years in Berkeley. Goff is slated come be among two franchise quarterbacks to be soaking up the 2016 NFL Draft along with North Dakota State’s Carson Wentz. Lawler seems to it is in the next good Cal wideout to enter the NFL.

At 6’2″, 203 pounds, Lawler has the dimension to hold his own both in the slot and on the exterior as an NFL receiver. He led the golden Bears in receiving touchdowns all 3 seasons due to the fact that redshirting in ~ Cal in 2012.

What scouts love around Lawler is his pass-catching capability and his knack for being able to high-point the round in possession receiving. The being said, may be his greatest criticism start the draft is if he can withstand the physics beatings he may take at wide receiver in the NFL.

If the bills think the Lawler has actually the trust to it is in an NFL pass catcher, then Buffalo could potentially have an additional interesting weapon for Taylor at his disposal under center.


Sep 6, 2014; Austin, TX, USA; Texas Longhorns protective tackle Hassan Ridgeway (98) reacts after a sack against the Brigham Young Cougars during the very first half at Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium. Obligated Credit: Brendan Maloney-USA this particular day Sports


The Bills will look come fortify themselves in the trenches again in 2016 by feather to update at defensive tackle. While that won’t start, the Bills might have a strong rotational player because that Ryan at protective tackle if they pick the Texas Longhorns’ Hassan Ridgeway at No. 139.

Surely, the Bills might have any variety of defensive tackles in what appears to it is in the deepest place entering the 2016 NFL Draft, however could lock extract an ext value in one under-the-radar player in Ridgeway?

Ridgeway might potentially beat in an ext than one technique at protective tackle since he pertained to Austin as a former protective end in high school. While the may lack the important foot rate to as necessary play protective end professionally, his strength and raw strength on the inner of the protective line might make Ridgeway an amazing pass rushing job for Ryan to occupational with walk forward.

Again, finding worth in football player that have the right to play in his blitz-heavy defensive scheme is Ryan’s biggest strength together an NFL tactician. While the receipt weren’t precisely elite in rushing the passer in his an initial season in Buffalo in 2015, the receipt will definitely improve in that department in year two of the Ryan era in Orchard Park.

Perhaps going through Ridgeway so late in the fourth round that the 2016 NFL breeze is a threat the Bills can be willing to take with this specific compensatory choice this spring?


Sep 3, 2015; Salt Lake City, UT, USA; Michigan Wolverines tight finish Jake target (88) is tackled by Utah Utes defensive earlier Marcus Williams (20) and linebacker Jared Norris (41) throughout the an initial half in ~ Rice-Eccles Stadium. Utah winner 24-17. Causing obligation Credit: Russ Isabella-USA this particular day Sports


While the receipt may have a main need at inside linebacker heading right into the 2016 NFL Draft, Buffalo may have to wait until the fifth round at selection No. 156 to acquire their guy by drafting Jared Norris the end of Utah come fill that roster void.

Inside linebacker is a much more difficult find in this era of the NFL v offenses being much more reliant on the pass 보다 the operation than ever before. 4-3 protective schemes only use one within linebacker and when a 3-4 base goes into a nickel package, among the inside linebackers is the very first to go. It’s tho an immensely beneficial position, yet especially on scarcity alone beginning 2016.

What the Bills might be gaining in Norris is the Utes’ top defensive player the last 2 years together Utah has actually finally emerged as a strength in the Pac-12. Norris led the Utes in 116 tackles and also 13 for a ns of yardage his senior season in Salt Lake City.

While top-end rate may finish up hurting Norris’ draft stock, if placed in the right protective scheme with his football instincts and also physicality, he could end up being a solid inside linebacker in the NFL. Given that Ryan is all about the protective front seven, Norris can be a fit for the receipt in the 5th round the the 2016 NFL Draft.


Jan 26, 2016; Fairhope, AL, USA; southern squad offensive guard Connor McGovern the Missouri (60) prepares for the snap during an elderly Bowl exercise at Fairhope Stadium. Causing obligation Credit: glen Andrews-USA today Sports

Connor McGovern may be climbing on 2016 NFL breeze boards ~ his solid career v the Missouri tigers in the SEC and his impressive senior Bowl power in Mobile, yet on part boards he’s quiet a 6th round pick for some reason. If he’s there at No. 192, mean the bills to take it him v that pick.

Offensive guard, as well as those that make a job on one-of-a-kind teams, is the many overlooked place in football. Security don’t set the edge on attack lines like tackles execute or also snap the ball and also anchor alignment favor centers, but when a pocket collapses, guards are frequently scapegoats.

By drafting a solid interior attack lineman that can move like McGovern can, he would be able to provide some exciting protection possibilities at the NFL level, and be the leader blocker ~ above sweeps and also pitches.

Scouts do think that he deserve to be to win by few of the quickest happen rushers that pick to assault from the inside, but McGovern can potentially play part swing handle in the NFL if need be in addition to either guard spot. For a so late round pick, McGovern could be worth the gamble for the bills to to fill a tertiary require of offensive guard in the sixth round.

Dec 5, 2015; Manhattan, KS, USA; Kansas State Wildcats defensive back Morgan Burns (33) looks for a play from the sideline throughout a game against the West Virginia Mountaineers at bill Snyder family Football Stadium. The Wildcats winner 24-23. Mandatory Credit: Scott Sewell-USA today Sports

With the bills possibly losing running back/return professional Percy Harvin this offseason, could Buffalo look at to lug in one more electrifying return male in Kansas State Wildcats cornerback Morgan Burns? The bills do have actually a compensatory sixth round pick at No. 218 come think around using on unique teams, right?

Burns will leave Manhattan, Kansas as an additional one of bill Snyder’s overachievers in the large 12. Kansas State has had actually its fair share of dynamic return guys over the year from Darren Sproles to Terrance Newman to most recently Tyler Lockett.

Burns’ speed will obtain him drafted as a unique teamer in ~ the an extremely least, yet it’s an additional question if he has life in the NFL together a cornerback. The versatility of gift able come play both cornerback and kick returner aids in his NFL breeze stock.

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The biggest criticism the Burns is the his rate is really one directional, definition that he’s fast, but not fluid sufficient in the hips to as necessary cover some of the NFL’s most blazing vast receivers. Provided that Snyder’s players generally pan out in the NFL and that it’s hard to generate offense in Buffalo many years due to harsh weather, perhaps a new kick returner in Burns might be a wise choice for the receipt at No. 218 if the is available.