The Falcons command the bills in this collection dating earlier to the beforehand 70s. Let’s expect they can proceed their recent win streak on Sunday.

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Atlanta is headed ago home this week come play the Buffalo bills after barely escaping Detroit through a success last Sunday. These two teams don’t have actually the most amazing or storied background with one another, but they have actually played an ext times 보다 one would certainly think.

Atlanta and also Buffalo haven’t played each other in 4 years and they have actually not played in Atlanta in eight years, so this Sunday will certainly be the very first time a lot of this Falcons team take away on the Bills.

Series records

The Falcons have played the receipt 11 times in the 2 teams’ history, through the very first game taking place on Dec. 2, 1973 in Atlanta-Fulton ar Stadium once the Bills defeated Atlanta, 17-6.

Over the food of the series, the Falcons have actually won seven of the 11 gamings by an median of 11 points every victory. Atlanta has likewise won the last 4 meetings, the recent of which to be a 34-31 overtime win in Toronto, ON.

Biggest win, best loss

Of the seven wins Atlanta has over Buffalo, their largest victory come in 2009 when they to win the receipt in Atlanta through 28 points, 31-3. A Matt Ryan-led Falcons squad overcame Buffalo in what to be a great performance all-around to earn the team their eighth success of the season.

This series isn’t every peachy for the Falcons, though. In 1992, Atlanta took a expedition to Buffalo and also got blown out, 41-14. That 27-point lose is by much the worst loss the Falcons have actually in the series. One of the lone bright clues in that game was a 73-yard kickoff return by Deion Sanders in the 2nd quarter.

Series quick-hitters

Matt Ryan has won his only two games against the Bills, throwing four touchdowns, no interceptions, and a completion price of 56.1 percent. Dan Quinn has actually yet come coach against the Bills together the head coach of the Falcons, therefore he will look to start his own collection against Buffalo v a win. Atlanta is 4-1 at residence when the Bills concerned Atlanta. The receipt last win in Atlanta come in the very first game that the series.

The Falcons take on the bills on Sunday at 1:00 p.m. EST ~ above CBS, and also are currently favored through eight points in ~ home.

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If you can’t watch the game, tune into 92.9 The video game in Atlanta or the Tune-In Radio app if you are out that town.