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Wisdom is not simply learning what to perform, yet is doing what you recognize. The wise are those that fear God and obey Him. They develop their residence upon the solid rock of His word. They are the ones that will certainly stand also on the Day of Judgment. No one is saved by obedience to the Law. But he who is saved by God"s grace becomes wise and also will certainly obey the Law. It is the inescapable fruit of salvation. The real fool is not someone that is ignorant, yet someone that does not perform what he knows he need to carry out. They hear God"s word taught, but they will certainly not obey. On the final day of Judgment, they will certainly be banimelted from the loving existence of God forever before. Jesus thus concludes the great Sermon on the Mount via a call to his hearers to study their own stays. May His words in this sermon lead you to true repentance and faith at the narrow gate that leads to eternal life!


We are looking for sermon transcribers/tranmanuscript reviewers.Email  to serve.Very great morning to every one of you, welconcerned Gospel Light and our second English worship organization this morning. We come currently to the final sermon in our series called “Two Ways to Live.” It"s likewise the final sermon in the Sermon on the Mount provided by Jesus from Matthew chapter 5 to Matthew chapter 7.Eexceptionally week, my 2 sons would ask me, “Dad, what are you going to preach about this coming Sunday?” and this week was no different. Matthias asked me, “Dad, what’re, are you going to preach around this Sunday?” and also I said to him, “I"m going to preach around just how the wise man developed his house upon the rock” and then I sang………”the wise man builds his house upon the rock” and also Matthias automatically said, “Oh that one, I understand, I"ve heard that many times already, you don"t have to preach, we all recognize.”Then I asked my kid, yesterday, the other one, Shawn. Shawn, “Do you recognize this wise male constructed his home upon the rock?” He states, “yah!” “Do you understand what the lesboy is all about in Sunday school?” He claims, “no, all I have the right to remember is the song” and also I expect that summarizes just how we method these two or few verses. It is a verse or a couple of verses that we are all incredibly familiar through. We have heard it prior to, we have sung it however once we really think about it, we do not really understand what it is all around so I hope this time will be a rewarding time for you. It"s not as simple as it looks.Actually, the lesson at the finish of it all is straightforward but to derive at the intention of Jesus Christ, it"s not so straightforward so I will certainly warn you that the initially fifty percent of the sermon might be a bit technical however it will come to be clear in the middle and then we will certainly have an application that I hope would certainly be advantageous for you so this passage states, “Everyone then who hears these words of mine and also does them will certainly be choose a wise man that built his house on the rock and also the rain dropped and the floods came and also the winds blew and beat on that residence however it did not fall bereason it had actually been founded on the rock and everyone who hears these words of mine and does not carry out them, will certainly be favor a foolish man who developed his house on the sand and the rain fell and also the floods came and also the winds blew and beat against that residence and it fell and also great was the fevery one of it” so extremely ssuggest, tright here are two men that developed two houses, the first one, we’re going to look at is the wise man who builds his residence upon the rock.What is the rock? Well it obviously refers to a details foundation, somepoint that is steadquick, immovable, rock solid and also Jesus states, “This rock, this foundation is meant to be a snapshot of my words.” “Everyone then who hears these words of mine and also does them will be like a wise guy who constructed his home on the rock” so Jesus claims, “a wise male builds upon my words.” Jesus claims, “A wise male builds upon the words of Christ.”Now, automatically, many type of of us will certainly look at this and say, “Ah, I get the lesson now, Pastor. Wisdom is living in the light of God"s Word. Wisdom is applying God"s Word and if we live out God"s Word, we obey Him, we would have a good, successful, happy life.” I think that"s what many kind of preachers would certainly preach. I think that is what many type of Sunday School lessons would be about. Children flourish up learning God"s word bereason if you learn God"s Word, life would certainly be better than if you did not live God"s Word. Would I be best to assume that?Well, that was how I construed this passage in the past but I do not think anymore that, that is what God intended, that is not what Jesus intended. I don"t think Jesus is teaching you about the happy life, Jesus is not teaching you around the effective life.Now it is true that it"s much much better to live in accordance to God"s Word, you will not suffer the results of a rebellious sinful life. It"s true that living in the light of God"s Word is excellent yet that"s not what Jesus is teaching so also though that is truth, it"s not the fact of this message. I imply to you what Jesus is saying in the wise man building his home upon the rock is teaching us about the eternal life not the happy life now, it"s around the eternal life that is to come. Say, “How do you obtain that Pastor? How do you understand for sure?”Well, that"s the basic principle of reading the conmessage as soon as you review the Bible. In various other words, do not simply take a passage, pluck it out and review it in isolation. Read it wright here it is expected to be. Read the verses before, read the verses after so that you know why this message is created tright here so let"s read a little little bit before these verses and also you"ll recognize exactly why it is not around the happy life however the eternal life.In verses 21 to 23, it claims, “Not everyone that states to me, ‘Lord, Lord’ will certainly enter the kingdom of heaven but the one that does the will certainly of my Father that is in heaven. On that day many kind of will say to me, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, cast out demons in your name and do many type of mighty functions in your name?’ and then I will certainly declare to them, ‘I never knew you, decomponent from me, you workers of lawlessness.’”Notice Jesus in these 3 verses, is talking around that day, that future day, that judgment day wbelow those who perform the will certainly of God will enter the kingdom of heaven and also those who are lawmuch less, those that perform not do the will certainly of God will be banimelted from the everlasting visibility of God. It"s not around currently, it"s around then, it"s not about happy life, it"s around eternal life and it"s in this conmessage that He then claims everyone then who hears these words of mine and also does them will certainly be favor a wise male who built his residence on the rock. Words then equally can be interpreted, therefore, everyone therefore, about what, around that future day, about living in the expertise that I"m going to face the judgment of God someday and also if he is wise about it, he will certainly live according to these words of mine and he will certainly be prefer that wise man who constructed his residence on the rock so He is teaching true wisdom is living in the light of God"s Word and this male will certainly stand on the day of judgment.It"s very amazing that Jesus states these words of mine, it’s exceptionally particular. In various other words, He"s talking about the Sermon on the Mount, these exact words I"ve been preaching from Matthew chapter 5 to Matthew chapter 7, these words of mine are incredibly precious! Now by the method perform you understand how lengthy we have taken to study the book of Matthew approximately chapter 7 today? Anyone knows just how long it has actually been? Sorry, 6 months, any other bidders? From Matthew chapter 1 to Matthew chapter 7, how lengthy have actually we taken? Nine months okay, any other bidders? One year, any various other bidders?I think we began Matthew in February 2017 so I think it"s around 13, 14 months, so you say, ”Pastor, you"re exceptionally ‘cheonghei’ you recognize, incredibly ‘lorsor’ , you talk so long, that we, wa, research so long then only Matthew chapter 7. Why spend so much time?”Well I think for one, these words of mine, Jesus claims, are incredibly essential. They are nearly prefer a, an acid test to watch if you are one that will certainly enter the kingdom of God or one that will certainly be baniburned from God"s everlasting loving presence so why did He say these words of mine so especially, what"s so one-of-a-kind about the Sermon on the Mount?I want to remind you that what Jesus is teaching in the Sermon on the Mount is somepoint extremely necessary. He"s not teaching around the peripheries. He"s teaching somepoint important. He"s teaching what God"s regulation is all around. He"s teaching the complete counsel, or if I may say, the Old Testimony, the will of God revealed in the Old Testimony. This is just how He began His sermon. He states this is… “I did not concerned abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not involved abolish them but to meet them.” What I"m going to say, what I"m going to perform is never before in contradiction through the Law or the Prophets. “I"ve pertained to meet them. I truly say to you, till heaven and earth pass away, not an iota, not a dot, will pass from the Law till all is accomplished.”He goes on to say in verse 19, “As such whoever relaxes one of the leastern of these commandments and also teaches others to do the same will certainly be called leastern in the kingdom of heaven but whoever does them and also teaches them will certainly be dubbed excellent in the kingdom of heaven” so the totality Sermon on the Mount, if I might summarize for you, is about living righteously according to God"s legislations. The entirety Sermon on the Mount is explaining what genuine obedience to God"s will looks like. Why does He need to execute that because the religious of leaders of those days, have corrupted the best knowledge of what it indicates to live according to God"s legislations. They have lessened God"s legislations. They have actually made it exceptionally superficial. They have turned in right into some disguise for their hypocrisy so Jesus came and also shelp I"m going to teach you the actual interpretation of the law. I"m going to show you what actual righteousness looks like and also if any kind of guy lives according to exactly how I"ve taught him, he"s wise and also he will certainly stand also on the day of judgment so in summary, Jesus is teaching about true righteousness as explained in the legislation. By the method, law is not a negative word.Today, I think many kind of world offer law a bad name. Er, they, they think it"s incredibly negative, it"s er, it"s not for the Christian, it"s not for one that understands grace, not at all! Law is a beautiful thing bereason it reveals the will certainly of God and those that are touched by grace love the regulation of God. They desire to accomplish it, not to acquire conserved. They desire to accomplish it because they are saved, alappropriate, so regulation is not a poor point and Jesus is teaching you kingdom living is in conformity to the law of God, that’s real righteousness and also the wise are those that obey the legislation and also so those who have actually eternal life, those who will stand on the day of judgment are those who obey the legislation.I want to be extremely clear. Several of you might be perplexed and say, “Pastor, are you saying that we earn salvation? We earn eternal life by obeying the law?” “No, that"s not what Jesus is teaching.” They obey not to gain saved. Wise guys, the true Christians, the true followers of Jesus, they execute not obey to gain saved however they obey bereason they are saved. They obey bereason God"s grace has come right into their resides, changed their heart, given them new desires, therefore they currently obey so obedience to God"s legislation is not the suggests through which a man is saved yet it tells you whether a guy is saved.As what we shelp last week, obedience is the proof of salvation, not the purchase of your salvation. Obedience is the manifeterminal of salvation, not the means of salvation or obedience is the proof of salvation and not the earning of salvation so a wise male is someone whose heart has actually been adjusted by God. He desires to obey. He actually obeys and he"ll be someone that stands on the last day of judgement.A wise male obeys also though it is difficult occupational. In a parallel passage in Luke 6, we are told “Everyone that pertains to me and hears my words and does them, I will certainly show you what he"s favor. He’s favor a man, building a house, who dug deep and lhelp the foundation on the rock.” Obedience to God is not basic. You have actually a process of digging, you dig deep, maybe this describes the painstaking repentance and obedience that is called for. It describes the initiative we have to put in, in order to walk in conformity to God"s will certainly. I think it might refer to exactly how a Christian is someone who walks in the tough means however a male who is wise takes pains to obey God, to build his residence upon the rock.In summary, this wise guy is someone who lives righteously according to the legislation. How do you recognize he"s a Christian? On the last day of judgement, exactly how carry out you know he was truly born again? Did he live righteously according to the law? Simple as that! Not that he obeys the law perfectly yet does he obey it progressively? Does he prosper or is his life exactly the same as what it was before he clintends to recognize Christ? A man that is truly born aget will live righteously according to the legislation. He"s a wise male who built his residence on the rock.I know you"re lost yet it"s okay. We"ll, we’ll move on and da, it will come clear in a while, I hope, so it makes it easier if we see the contrasting aspect so let"s look at the other guy. The various other male is referred to as a foolish male and he builds his residence upon the sand. That"s what Jesus claims, “Everyone that hears these words of mine and also does not do them will be like a foolish man who built his house on the sand also.” Something that is not stable, something that does not last, that"s what sand represents and who are those who are explained as people that constructed on foundationless ground?Well they are those “who hears the words of Christ and does not execute them.” He is not talking around civilization “who does not know.” He"s talking about human being “who knows” but they execute not carry out. Elsewbelow, Jesus sassist, “these are world who hears and does not execute and he is prefer a man that builds a house on the ground without a structure.” What execute you mean? Well if a wise man is someone who stays righteously according to the regulation, a foolish man is therefore someone who does not live righteously according to the legislation. He could recognize however he doesn"t live it and da, I think Jesus is contrasting right here. He is saying there are two groups of human being in spiritual institutions in church today, if I may say, in the synagogues in their time.Tright here is that one group of human being who truly recognize the love of God, who truly loves God, that truly obeys God and who will at some point truly stand at the judgment of God, these are the wise men. Tright here is this true group of followers however then in the synagogues, tright here are likewise, tright here is likewise one more group. This team looks favor they love God. This group looks choose they serve God, looks prefer they obey God but really they do not. They do not really live according to God"s Word.They say they are righteous, they look prefer they"re righteous yet their righteousness is exceptionally fake. It’s extremely superficial. It’s extremely minimalistic so Jesus says how can anyone be saved? Unless your righteousness is exceeding the fake, superficial, minimalistic kind of righteousness of the hypocrites of that day, that"s why the Sermon on the Mount is provided.It’s to present up the hypocrisy and the fake nature of the self-righteousness of spiritual leaders of His time. Because of this, He claims, “Unless your righteousness supersedes that,” you cannot be conserved, you should have actually true righteousness - true righteousness that is around true obedience to true understanding of the Lord so if you check out on, from Matthew 5 onwards, which we have extended, Jesus offered instance after instance, after example of what real righteousness and also fake righteousness is all about.He first said about the 6th commandment, “thou shall not kill” and also then He gave the instance of adultery. Well I raised this instance bereason that"s what Jesus said, “You assumed that genuine obedience to the legislation is you don"t kill, you do not sleep with someone.” You recognize what Jesus said? “Real obedience is once you do not hate someone from the heart and as soon as you perform not have actually adultery in your head, not just in the bed, but in your head.”You males have been teaching the country, the Jewish nation that as lengthy as you create a certificate of divorce, you have the right to divorce your wife but that has actually never before been the intention of God in the regulation. You have twisted the law. You guys have actually taught that if you might swear by somepoint that is not around God, that is not something so serious, you deserve to actually say and also not perform it yet I say to you, do not swear at all, let your yes be yes, your no be no, that is the real righteousness of God.You said, as long as he did you something poor, you can return an eye for an eye however I say to you, do not perform that! If he wants something from you, walk with him another mile, so on and also so forth, so Jesus, over and also over aget in the Sermon on the Mount is exposing the false righteousness of the religious leaders. He"s reflecting you that these males, though they have a home, they look righteous they never before developed on God"s Words. They were fakes and also at some point as soon as the, once the judgment comes, they will loss so Jesus below shows that this foolish man resides a superficial, minimalistic and twisted false righteousness and He exposes them in the Sermon on the Mount.Lost? Can you all follow? Like I said to the initially company, if you cannot follow, go back YouTube, listen another 10 times, possibly makes it easier however okay let"s, let’s then lug it to a type of a comparikid so there is a wise man. Who is he? He"s a Christian. Right? A true follower of God and what is the characteristic of the true Christian? He"s wise, yah.. yah.. yes, he"s wise. In what means is he wise? He will certainly do the Word of God, right? He will do God"s laws. Very great.What is a foolish man? He knows yet he does not perform so he"s a hypocrite. He"s a fake. He may have actually a Christian name, he might go to a Christian church, he might check out a Christian Holy bible, he might say some Christian prayers yet he does not obey God and also at some point at judgment seat, he will be shown up, appropriate, so on the surconfront, we can not really tell.Let"s say now, have the right to you tell who are the genuine Christians? Me? Huh, huh, huh. May not be, alright! Of course at this phase I think I am yet in 20 years’ time, I, I hope I still faithcompletely follow the Lord, serve Him through my life yet it"s not always so easy to tell bereason every one of us, build a type of a house - a residence filled with spiritual works, principles, lingo, language and also so on however it will be displayed up Jesus says once you have the perfect storm so there will, there will certainly come a time wright here the rain will loss, the floods will come and the winds will certainly blow and beat on that house.Now, many type of human being take this storm to be a photo of trials in life so they argue this way. If you are a Christian, as soon as you go with trials you would still think and if you"re not a Christian, you go with trials you would give up on your faith. Now aacquire, I think that is reality. Jesus did sheight around that in the four kinds of soil. There"s a sort of soil where the plant grows however when the sun is too hot, it dies. Shows that they were never before believers in the first location so this is, this is truth that storms of life, trials of life deserve to sometimes present up a true believer before and not a true believer before but I don"t think that is the reality of the message. Okay, that is truth, but not the reality of the text.I think the text right here is in the context of judgment so I think that this storm is a snapshot not of the trials in this life but around the judgment that is to come after we die, okay and also He is saying that only those things that are of God and those that belengthy to God will certainly stand also on that judgment storm. Everything else that is not of God will be blown amethod.I expect that"s why He sassist, “Not everyone that says to me, ‘Lord, Lord’ will enter the kingdom of God will endure however only those who does the will of my Father.” Likewise, “I never before kbrand-new you, depart from me, you workers of lawlessness.” On the day of judgement those who are not of God, blu…blown and also those who are of God stands. Judgement pictured in the storm. Elsewbelow, “And the human being is passing amethod along with its desires but whoever before does the will of God abides forever.”I’ve simply one more message that I want to display you which can be confutilizing however I think it"s still necessary to provide you a good expertise of what Jesus is saying. Romans 2 states “…once God"s righteous judgment will certainly be revealed. He will certainly render to each one according to his works.”Now, this can not be so taken by Christians this day because we believed we have actually been taught God saves us by grace so God will certainly judge us not according to our functions yet according to the grace of Jesus Christ, isn"t that what we are acquainted with, right?God judges me if I"m a Christian not based on what I carry out yet based upon what Jesus has done on the Cross. That is absolutely true however at the exceptionally exact same time what Romans is saying is this - we as Christians and together with those who are not Christians will certainly stand also before God on the day of judgment and also God"s judgment will certainly be based on works – exactly how a single perboy, how anyamong us, live our stays.Those who, whose resides demonstrate righteousness, those who serve God, honor God, obey God, you recognize what they get? “To those that by patience in well-doing seek for glory, honor, immortality, he will give eternal life” so God who says, this is what Paul is saying, Paul, the writer of Romans, is saying the true Christians are those who along their entirety journey here on earth, are exceptionally focused on seeking glory, honor and immortality in the life that is to come and also bereason their eyes are solved on the future, they are patiently doing excellent whilst they are right here on earth because of their confidence and idea in the hope that is to come, they obey God, they walk the difficult means, they have actually great works and also at the finish of the day, God provides them eternal life but tright here are those that are self-seeking and do not obey the fact, they obey unrighteousness and also tbelow will be wrath and also fury.Now aobtain let me be clear, Paul is not teaching, you end up being a Christian, you earn eternal life by your works, no, yet he"s saying you evidence eternal life by your works so the wise males who has been building his home upon the rock will certainly be presented to be the genuine deal when the storm comes. The foolish male that has not developed his home upon the rock will certainly be presented up as soon as the storm comes so Jesus is saying a wise man builds his home upon the rock.What does this rock symbolize? The words, Word, God, huh signify God? The Word of God, alappropriate symbolizes the Sermon on the Mount? The words of Jesus, the explacountry of true righteousness, the complete meaning of the regulation, ideal so you may put the word, Word or you may put the word Law, I think it"s fine correct and he builds his home and also then you have actually an additional man.He builds upon sand. He does not build on the rock so he does not construct upon the Word of God yet he still builds a house and also Jesus didn"t tell us that tbelow is any type of material difference via regards to the residence. They most likely look the very same, they probably look the, they have actually the same materials, structures and so it"s not easy to tell them apart, particularly when a home is visible only from the top, you don"t check out the foundation, right? When you develop a home, perform you check out the foundation? You don"t, so on the surconfront, they look the same, prefer a true Christian and exactly how a non-Christian look the exact same when we concerned church company. How do you tell them apart? Yes, you tell them acomponent when tbelow is a storm and also there"s a flood and tbelow are winds, right?When judgment comes, you will certainly understand for sure bereason that which is not developed on rock will autumn amethod and only that which is developed on the law stands so I think it is pretty clear from this diagram that Jesus say you tell them apart on the day of judgment and only those who have been doing the will of God will enter the kingdom and those that do not, Jesus will certainly say depart from me, regardmuch less of how many kind of miracles you have actually done, regardmuch less of what your profession is, regardmuch less of how knowledgeable you are in the Word of God, I never knew you bereason you are a worker of lawlessness.This obedience is so necessary and also I hope you gain that, albest. In Matthew 7:21, Jesus claims, “Not everyone who claims to me ‘Lord, Lord’ but the one that does.” Notice, this is a comparison in between saying and also doing.Today, we look at the comparison in between hearing and doing. A genuine Christian is not simply someone that hears, a real Christian is not just someone who says, a real Christian is someone that does! That is the ultimate test of a Christian, obedience to perform God"s will certainly as revealed in the regulation so in summary, you say, “Pastor you talk for long, what"s the summary?”Actually exceptionally basic, any son can be able to figure it out but it is this. The true Christian is wise in that he does God"s will in His Word and he stands on the day of judgment, that’s what a Christian is. Say “What"s a Christian? Well he"s wise, he has actually a new heart, he repented and think in Jesus and also he"s still doing that this particular day and we know he"s a Christian bereason he does God"s will certainly found in His Word and he will certainly stand on the day of judgment.Can you aid me with the second half? Okay, the fake Christian is foolish. The hypocrite is a fool and he does not do God"s will and also he will certainly... He will certainly fall! Wah, you check out you all so smart! See I told you that you will be able to figure it all out and you have alright.Now I simply want to close by emphasizing the prominence of obedience. This is not a random topic Jesus is speaking about. It has actually been throughout the Scripture. Deuteronomy tells us, “See I"ve taught you statutes and also rules. Keep them and do them for that will certainly be your wisdom.” Wisdom is not just knowing! Today, Singapore education system all about regurgitation, at leastern my time lah (local: slang) so if you deserve to memorize well, you"ll carry out well however wisdom is not about memorization. Of course, you need to know however even more than that, you have to perform, you have to save, you have to obey.It was Joshua who was told “Only be strong and extremely courageous, being careful to do according to all the law…meditate on it day and night so that you might be mindful to do!” Many type of of you read your Bibles, you may even memorize the Holy bible, I think that"s terrific, that"s wonderful yet do not stop short tright here bereason God"s will is for you to not just recognize however to carry out His will.Luke 11:28 “Blessed rather are those who hear the Word of God and also keep it.” Good to hear but even more vital to perform.John 14:15 If you love me, you will research my commandments? If you love me, you will certainly understand my commandments? “If you love me, you will certainly store my commandments,” alright?Real confidence and relationship via Jesus is one that demonstrates itself in obedience. “But be doers of the word not hearers just, deceiving your very own selves” and da, be not someone that, “being no hearer that forgets, however a doer that acts, he will be blessed in his doing” and lastly, 1 John 2:3 “By this we understand that we have actually come to understand Him.”How you know you"re Christian? By this … “By this, we know that we have actually come to recognize Him, if we keep His commandments.” That is the pattern and also halittle and development of your life. You can not fake it before God and also on the day of judgement you cannot say God, I, I, I love you, I serve you! No, no, no look at your functions, did you save my commandments? Well, the day of the storm will disclose your genuine heart.I understand it"s been difficult so let me give you a psychological break. Can you tell me where this is? Queenstown? Where? Queenstvery own, where? MDIS? What is MDIS? I also don"t recognize what it represents, so do not ask me yet ah it"s somewright here in Queenstown. I was there this week at Queenstown. I walked by and I observed this. Wah, I didn"t understand there"s such point. The 10 sages of the human being - 10 wise males of the people and so on the 2 pillars, you might see are inscribed words so I experienced among them and I took a picture and also it’s Confucius that shelp “The essence of understanding is, having it, to use it. Not using it is to confess your ignorance.”Now I"m not a fan of Confucius and I"m not saying Confucius is as crucial as Jesus. No, not at all. I"m just depicting that even those that perform not recognize God, understand Christ, understand a simple principle. Wisdom is not learning, wisdom is learning and doing so Jesus shelp “Everyone that hears these words of mine and also does not do!” These males recognize God"s Word. The scribes and also Pharisees understand God"s Word. They studied it because they were young but the wickedness of their hearts made them say I"m not going to execute it!The greatest fool is not someone who does not recognize yet someone who knows and also does not carry out. Do you realize that? We assumed a fool is someone who does not recognize anything! No, let me tell you, a higher fool is someone who knows everything, but does not execute.Okay, let me highlight this. I love to eat food. I, I love to eat and also I prefer all kinds of food especially sashimi, steak, or-luak whatever you have, albest so the pursuit of the perfect steak. Do you recognize how to do? How carry out you make perfect steak? How execute you do it? How perform you carry out the perfect steak? Barbecue? Fail lah the answer!Well, exactly how perform you do the perfect steak? Well, I asked roughly, I searched around, I spoke to world choose, you understand, Leslie Tay, I eat, I shoot, I short article – the foodie men and also they all tell me the ideal means to do steak. I watch videos on YouTube. The ideal way to do steak that looks choose this... Hey your barbecue can like that or not? Cannot right?The best way to execute steak is ... Wah, Fabian is appropriate. The finest way to execute steak is to put it into a plastic bag and to prepare it via this method dubbed sous vide strategy. Heard of it before? Sous vide technique is... yup, placing in a plastic bag, inserting it right into a water bath and food preparation it at a fixed temperature for many type of hours. The factor is bereason you execute not want to overcook your meat at 100, 200, 300 degrees, grilling and overcooking what"s inside. You desire it to be succulent, juicy, tender and so you need to cook it at 60 somepoint. I can not remember the specific figure - 60 somepoint levels Celsius - Sous vide method so I watch the videos on YouTube, I speak through civilization and then as soon as we talk about food I constantly tell them, you must do sous vide, this is what you execute, this is what you execute.I tell them as if I understand a lot and also just to accomplish my very own curiosity, I bought a sous vide machine. It"s hundred over dollars. It"s fairly a... I assumed... a cool innovation. Why not and the impressive point about what I bought is that I bought it last year and also I have not even provided it once. To be honest, I have actually never before even opened package and it was sitting on my desk for so lengthy. My wife was so irritated and also I do not even recognize wbelow it is now. I bought it and also I never before offered it.You know who"s the fool? You understand who"s the fool? Not Nathan who told me barbecue you recognize but Jason who said, this is the best strategy however I have never done it, isn"t it however don"t laugh at me bereason all of us are in a feeling quite foolish. We all say it"s great to exercise! Hey the perchild who doesn"t understand also the advantage of working out is not stupid, you know, we are more stupid. It"s great to diet, yet you still eat your KFC and also chocolates choose nobody"s company.The greatest fool is that that knows exactly the effects, the price, the opportunities and also we still execute not execute. The fool is someone that sits in church week after week, hearing the law of God, the Word of God and also still plunge headlong into sin out there and ignore God"s call for purity, for holiness for love to Him. Isn"t that the biggest fool? He hears these words of mine and carry out not do.My friends, this Sermon on the Mount closes via a solemn warning. Jesus does not want His audience to hear that message and also walk off unreadjusted so He offers them an extremely clear difficulty. What will certainly you execute via my words today? All of you have actually heard it but what will you carry out with my words today?A true kid of God is one whose heart has been readjusted by grace and if you"re truly readjusted by grace, you will live righteously according to my word. You will live righteously according to the regulation and if you carry out so, you recognize you are a wise guy. You have actually a house developed upon the solid rock and also once the storm of judgment come, you will certainly abide forever before yet if you, now, hear these words and also you execute not execute my will certainly, let me tell you, on the day of judgment you thought you were okay but it will certainly all be blown away. He will say “decomponent from me, you worker of lawlessness.”What will you carry out with God"s Word? Jesus, however, is not saying execute God"s Word now to be conserved. He"s saying, this is what I"m saying to you, to present you that you really are and if you realize you were never before born again, if you realize you are really not component of the kingdom of God, then come in that poverty of spirit, come as a man poor in heart, come as a male who will mourn for your sin, come as a man who will hunger and also thirst after righteousness. Come to me to be saved, come to the narrow gate and also be saved, cry out to God for His mercy to conserve your soul.That"s why I"m saying to you now, folks. If you watch no righteousness, no pattern of holiness in your life, do not go to do holy things. You can not. Come to Jesus first! Be conserved, be washed, be foroffered, be born aobtain. Herein is the Good News. God does not suppose you to obey his legislation to obtain saved. That is absolutely difficult however God is saying involved me to be saved. You will certainly then obey the law. Would you execute that for yourself? Soptimal deceiving yourself, sheight deluding yourself however really come to confidence and also repentance in Christ.I think a male who really comes to Christ in that way, his heart will be readjusted. Over the previous few months in our church we have gathered some testimonies, stories of actual belief and also I simply want to share with you. It"s interesting! I never before preach this message to them. I don"t think that they are remembering these words as soon as they mutual their stories but it"s exciting that this is all what they sassist.First example I desire to share through you is Giolo. Giolo thrived up in church. He is a kid of 2 godly paleas and also he"s been exposed to Christianity, to Bible teaching for lengthy time however you’ll remember I shared through you his story just how he realized he was a hypocrite and also he involved belief only recently but that noted a significant readjust in him in that he says many of the points that I used to enjoy doing, now pale in comparikid to the joy of serving and also obeying Him. Old behavior ended up being struggles and struggles turned right into victory. There"s a higher joy now in denying my very own wishes, to execute what He wants. Tbelow is that desire and indeed demonstration of obedience. That"s just how you recognize you are God"s boy.Anvarious other gentlemale in our church that joined us when we pertained to Punggol, Ray. He says given that turning to the Lord, my partnership via my family has enhanced substantially. Tright here is likewise a significant change in me, for currently I fear the Lord and also strive to be obedient to Him.The book of Romans tells us that for unbelievers tbelow is no fear of God in their eyes. They do not fear God, they are afraid males. They involved church, they look religious not for God yet for males, to impush males yet once you are truly born aget, there"s a are afraid of God in your heart, you desire to please Him and you will be obedient to Him. You don"t always succeed to be perfectly obedient yet that"s your continuous strive and effort and desire and then we have Sarah that shelp the day I said yes to Christ, life is not about me anyeven more but it"s for Christ that currently resides in me. My old self has actually passed away and also now I have actually life. The temptation to sin still comes and also maybe also even more aggressively yet I do not enjoy sinning anyeven more. I feel sadness and also grief as soon as I sin. My conscience is struggling when the temptation to sin comes. My goal is to seek Christ-likeness and also so others, so that others will certainly additionally understand Christ and glorify God.Real salvation results a dramatic readjust. It"s not your declaration, it"s not your understanding, it"s a transformation of your life. That is the ultimate test of a Christian. Folks, according to 2 Corinthians 13, examine your hearts, study yourselves, to view if you be in the belief. If you"re not, it is still not also late for you today but if you don"t, possibly on the day of judgement that will certainly be means also late. By the grace of God, I urge you to concerned true salvation, repentance and faith in Christ.Let"s bow for a word of prayer together. Perhaps you have been a guy favor Giolo. You grew up in church, you have actually assumed many kind of Christian points however you never had actually the desire for God, not one that you have the right to honestly stop of. You look the part you played the part however this particular day, God is speaking to you. His Word, I pray will penetrate the depths of your heart. Expose that which is false so that in humility, you deserve to come on your knees to the foot of the Cross and behold God"s Son slain for your sin and tright here on the Cross, you check out the awesome weight of sin. You view the hideousness of sin. You check out how devastating sin is and you say to yourself, Lord rid me of sin, save me from my sin and tbelow you think, and you actors yourself on Jesus Christ. Truly for as soon as and also you cry out, God, have mercy on me a sinner. I have been a fake, I"ve been a hypocrite but now I want to be saved.Would you cry out to God today? Maybe you"ve remained in church for a lengthy while, joined Gospel Light, joined whatever church, you have been hoping approximately. You"re still living in your sin and you think that you are okay, let me tell you, also from the straightforward exposition of Matthew 7, you know you"re not okay.How have the right to you intend to stand also before the Holy God on the day of judgement where all points, your intent, your heart, your thoughts will certainly be revealed. You can"t stand on that day so best now in this hour flee to Jesus to be conserved this particular day.This is the exceptional grace and love of God. Doesn"t matter how lengthy you have actually been a hypocrite. Doesn"t issue how rotten your life is. Jesus came to die for sinners choose you and me. Today, you can be saved. Would you cry out for mercy?Don"t fake it anyeven more. It"s not worth it. Come clean and also plunge in that flood that is drawn from Emmanuel"s veins. Come, be wamelted, be cleansed, be healed, be provided a new heart today. Softly and also gently Jesus is calling, calling, oh sinner come home!Father say thanks to You for Your Word, cause us all to reflect deeply in our stays and for those who have actually yet to think genuinely, lug them to the finish of themselves that they may truly repent and be conserved.

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I pray for Christians right here, even after a soul browsing time choose this, we will endeavor to continue to walk in holiness and also obedience, to be that wise male who will certainly construct our stays upon the Word of God to bring You glory and praise so give thanks to you. We ask this currently in Jesus Name, amales.We are looking for sermon transcribers/tranmanuscript reviewers.Email  to serve.