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FOXBOROUGH — Vontaze Burfict has attracted the attention of NFL headquarters when again, this time because that the Bengals linebacker’s blindside hit to Martellus Bennett’s knees.

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It to be a dangerous hit and the Patriots tight finish was slow-moving to get up. Bennett said Burfict apologized because that the hit, i beg your pardon came early on in the 4th quarter, and said it wasn’t intentional.

The hit attracted the ire of plunder Gronkowski, who obtained a taunting penalty later in the video game after he and Burfict butted heads and also exchanged words. Gronkowski asserted after the game that the didn’t check out the Burfict hit, but did acknowledge the Bengals’ reputation for chippy play.


“They do that every game. If you watch film, they’re constantly baiting anyone to do that. They’re a tough, physics team,’’ claimed Gronkowski. “They’re physical football players. They’re big, and also they hit hard.

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“I feel choose that’s the layout that castle play, for this reason I type of provided into it as soon as I gained my penalty, and I’ve gained to watch out for that, however after that, ns just had actually to continue to be away.’’

Vontaze Burfict going short on Bennett. Appeared unnecessary however what perform I know. #Patriots pic.twitter.com/4DWnqa76TD

— will D. (
WAD1980) October 16, 2016

Bennett stated he evaluate Gronkowski having actually his back.

Patriots coach bill Belichick deferred to the NFL once asked around the Burfict hit.

“We’ll permit the league talk about that play,’’ the coach stated Monday morning. “It’s their decision. It no really issue what any type of of us think around it anyway.’’

Later, Burfict deserve to be checked out deliberately stomatic on LeGarrette Blount’s leg after ~ the Patriots running back scored a rushing touchdown.

Burfict is no stranger to controversial hits and league discipline. He was suspended because that the very first three games of this season because that his helmet-to-helmet fight on Steelers receiver Antonio Brown in critical year’s wild-card playoff game.

Burfict was given the ban “for repetitive violations that player safety and security rules’’ ~ hitting the defenseless Brown. The appealed the suspension but it to be upheld.


Return ~ above investment

The Patriots had their best return game of the season Sunday, through Julian Edelman averaging 16.3 yards on 3 punts and also rookie D.J. Foster returning his lone kickoff 30 yards.

Additionally, Edelman reverted the cost-free kick after ~ Dont’a Hightower’s safety 16 yards.

“We felt good about ours production,’’ stated special groups captain Matthew Slater. “I think we were maybe one or 2 blocks far but it to be nice to leave the field with some good production . . . Hopefully we have the right to spring one here. We’ll save working on it.’’

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Belichick additionally said he i found it some enhancements in the return game.

“Our coverage in both phases this year has been good,’’ stated the coach. “The return video game has been one more story, yet to be the finest we’ve had actually on that, for this reason hopefully that’s heading in the best direction.’’

Back in the fold

Speaking that return men, there were some familiar deals with in the Patriots locker room Monday. Fullback valley Gronkowski, who was jettisoned indigenous the exercise squad last week, and also tailback Tyler Gaffney, who was exit on the final cut-down work Sept. 3, room back. Gaffney endured a sprained foot at the finish of the preseason. Both were re-signed to the practice squad as the team had two open slots ~ promoting protective end Geneo Grissom and protective tackle Anthony Johnson on Saturday . . . Additionally spotted in the locker room to be rookie quarterback Jacoby Brissett, that was put on injured reserve after having thumb surgery two main ago.


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