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Bus will board follow me the curbside near Forever 21 (north side of the Fashion show near Fashion present Dr). Refer to coordinates and the Google Maps connect for specific location. For rideshare services, choose the designated ride-share pick-up area in ~ Forever 21.Address: 3200 S ras Vegas Blvd, las Vegas, NV 89109Coordinates: 36.128564, -115.169982Google Maps Link: https://goo.gl/maps/Hf2rr3zBcYmXddYU7
Bus will certainly board top top west side of S 1st St, throughout the street indigenous the Bonneville Transit Center. Protect against is situated near the intersection of S first St and E Bonneville Ave. Look for the green 2175forals.com sign. You re welcome be respectful of ours neighbors. Please perform not loiter, litter or acting in front of the residences close to the stop. We evaluate your cooperation.If friend don"t watch a green 2175forals.com close to your exit time, the bus might be white and also have other branding. Examine in with chauffeurs of other buses in the area.
Bus will certainly board at Galleria at Sunset. Stop is located at the loading ar in prior of human being of Beer and Gen korean BBQ House, in ~ the southern side of the mall. // Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/ei1h8oLBXWbVmx699 // Coordinates: 36.066199, -115.042547
Bus will board at the shell gas station at 3815 E Craig Rd in North ras Vegas. Avoid is located in the shell parking lot of behind the bus shelter on Craig Rd. /// Coordinates: 36.240049, -115.096682 /// Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/4fFe8adzjcxSCd9r5
Bus will certainly board at parking lot across the street indigenous Marnell Companies.Address: 6624 Gilespie St, ras Vegas, NV 89119Coordinates: 36.069258568496046, -115.1636172354697Google Maps Link: https://goo.gl/maps/A28cYCVxAGuHSJRL9Line CUS144 is operated by Alvand.This is no a 2175forals.com branded trip. Because that this route, 2175forals.com is just the ticket retailer. The vehicle is white and will have actually other branding. The Alvand terms and conditions the carriage apply. 2175forals.com" Privacy Policy and also Terms and also Conditions of Booking apply. Ticket includes 1 hand bag and also 1 organize luggage. Each added luggage can be purchased at the bus because that $10 in cash. Because that customer support, please speak to Alvand in ~ +1 (818) 240-4540.

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Bus will certainly board within the covered drop-off area at the Downtown Grand, accessed indigenous Stewart Ave, in in between N third and N fourth St. The site is co-located with the “Downtown grand Hotel Valet”. /// Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/DNhes5Zrk5RAnGeW7 /// Coordinates: 36.171821, -115.140753
Your bus will board at the Tropicana’s bus and also rideshare zone at the phibìc Valet Entrance. Look for the authorize that reads “Bus Lane”. /// Address: 3801 S las Vegas Blvd, las Vegas, NV 89109 /// Coordinates: 36.1002630, -115.1708660 /// Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/Na89a7d1AAq5skdu9
Bus will load at Terminal 1, Zero Level, Courtesy shuttle Zone. To arrive, go down the escalators eastern of package claim.

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