What is the beginning of the expression "butt that (all) jokes"? I"m wondering even if it is "jokes" are being personified here (as per the origin of the term) through "butt" being used as it"s not exactly the many exalted part of the body, or even if it is "butt" to be intended more as a "base" for all jokes? (I"m leaning towards the latter.)



Butt 2. A.

A mark for archery practice; properly a mound or other erection on i m sorry the target is collection up. Therefore in mod. Usage a mound or embankment in former of which the targets are put for artillery, musketry, or rifle practice.

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Oxford 2175forals.com thesaurus

Did part sleuthing for print references. I found butt of the joke back to 1775, despite up till the mid-1800s one was just as most likely to it is in a butt that the jest. Prior to this reference, it appears one could be the figurative butt of assorted slings and arrows all the means back to the early 16oos, as Etymonline has it.

Here"s the 1775 reference from Observations, Historical, Critical, and also Medical, ~ above the Wines of the Ancients, by teacher Edward Barry, explicating top top the rank of ancient Roman slaves in relation to rank of guests:



Butts were, as is discussed above, the archery targets set up permanently in or near a town or city for archery practice, required by law by Edward III in 1363 (also forbidding all sorts the other, much more decadent pastimes such as football. See miscellaneous archery reference books, including "The Longbow" by Mike Loades, Osprey Publishing, 2013. A butt is therefore a target, therefore the target of a joke is the target that a joke. The French word for "target" or "goal"(as in a purpose) is "le but" (also la cible). Probably from Old Nordic "butr" - a log. Log ends were, and still are, used for target practice. The normans would have actually used this term and also introduced it to 2175forals.com. Probably. You can still find "The Butts" or "Butts Lane" or some such together addresses today.


Update: Colin"s prize is an ext likely correct. Watch the comments there.

To butt something deserve to mean to ram it or hit it with the earlier end that something:

He butted me through the rifle.

To acquire the butt end of a hoax is to receive the blunt of the joke. In other words, you are the one gift hit or struck with the joke. This expression is valuable partly since the person obtaining the butt deserve to still be consisted of in the joking around — you can be making fun of yourself and still gain the butt of the joke.

Similar phrases:

He is acquiring the brunt that the joke.

He is acquiring the raw end of the deal.

He gained the company end that a sword.

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Someone who continually it s okay the hoax butts can be referred to as a butt monkey however that may be returning to using "butt" to typical your tushy.

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