There are precisely zero expectations bordering the Houston Texans in 2021. Such a notion is certainly nothing new. No Deshaun Watson, currently no Tyrod Taylor. Should electronic came Newton it is in next?

For a selection of different reasons, the Texans have actually pretty much punted top top the 2021-22 project as the team is without beginning quarterback Deshaun Watson, has a first-year NFL head coach in David Culley, and still beat in both the AFC and also AFC South, which doesn’t really provide a path to any kind of sort of success in Houston.

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Although the Texans to be able come secure a main 1 success over the rival Jacksonville Jaguars, a team that might an extremely well have much more issues 보다 Houston in ~ the current moment, the lowly AFC south franchise reverted to type in mainly 2 en course to comes up well short against the Cleveland Browns. Not just that, however the Texans managed to shed veteran quarterback Tyrod Taylor to injury in the process, paving the means for Davis Mills under center.

Of course, Taylor was initially called upon to serve as the team’s starter in the lack of the previously mentioned Watson, who continues to it is in sidelined due to a non-injury-related issue that has yet to it is in resolved and also ongoing legal trouble. With Watson the end indefinitely and also Tyrod Taylor now hobbled by a nagging hamstring injury, a setback that might sideline him for an ext than a month, the is time to rotate their attention somewhere else for the Texans together Mills is no the answer in ~ quarterback.

Regardless of how destructive the Texans intend to be this time around, Houston just cannot stick with Mills. Instead, they should put in a speak to to previous Carolina Panthers and new England Patriots quarterback camer Newton, who stays an unrestricted totally free agent.

The 32-year-old Newton is no doubt previous his prime. However, he is by far the best obtainable option out there ~ above the open industry at the current moment. With previous Alabama Crimson tide standout and also Patriots rookie Mac Jones beating out Newton because that the beginning job in new England throughout the preseason, the heralded AFC east franchise — in a very surprising move — chosen to reduced ties v the previous league MVP and also longtime Panthers signal-caller. This preseason aside, Newton only lasted one season in brand-new England and also led the Patriots to a an extremely disappointing 7-9 record. Although COVID-19, a readjust of scenery, and ultimately a first-round NFL Draft pick spoiled Newton’s quick stint together a member the the Patriots, there is quiet a an extremely solid opportunity that his time in new England was nothing more than one outlier.

In his last season together a member the the Panthers back in 2019-20, Newton appeared in simply two continuous season games, which much more or less ended his time in Carolina prematurely. In 2018-19, his last full season external of new England, the jug signal-caller showed up in 14 continual season games en path to producing just shy that 3,400 pass yards together 24 touchdown passes and also 13 interceptions. It is additionally worth noting that he completed a single-season career-high 67.9 percent that his passing attempts that same season.

Newton would also be walking right into a relatively decent case in Houston together well, thanks to the team’s tools on offense. Granted these tools aren’t the ideal that money can buy, yet a quartet the talented to run backs and a dynamic wideout room a an excellent place come start. V Newton tho able to usage his legs, note Ingram, Phillip Lindsay, David Johnson, and also Rex Burkhead can serve together viable options both in the to run game and also passing strike behind the dual-threat capacity of the free-agent quarterback.

Additionally, Texans wide receiver Brandin Cooks has actually done well during his time in Houston despite the quarterback carousel he has encountered in 2021-22. Also with Taylor and also Mills separating time in Watson’s absence, Cooks has remained a staple of the Texans’ offense, creating some superior numbers with the first two mainly of the 2021-22 continual season.

With at least some formidable players in place for Newton to work-related with, Houston might easily assimilate him right into the Texans’ violation on short notice. V the Texans slated to fight it out through Newton’s previous team in the Panthers this Thursday evening, that wouldn’t be until Week 4 when the previous Patriots signal-caller might truly do an impact in Houston.

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Cam Newton should likewise be considered by the Texans together Houston proceeds to be apparently mulling over the idea of trade Deshaun Watson with the Miami Dolphins staying in the mix — as far as the rumor mill goes, anyway. Things are not going well in Houston however this mutually beneficial situation could assist everyone associated as the Texans to fill a significant void and Newton receives the possibility to rebound this year and beyond.



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