Tennessee football players have refused to respond to Florida"s trash speak this week, but they obtained some unlikely assistance from the Oregon Ducks.

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College football trash talk can go to part strange places....but a comment by a Florida defensive earlier ahead that this week"s Gators game versus Tennessee has gotten downright "ducked up".

Earlier this week, Florida defensive earlier Quincy Wilson made referral to the Gators 11 video game win streak end the Vols with a somewhat unusual analogy.

He said, "Have you ever before seen a duck traction a truck? ducks don’t pull trucks. Nobody has ever before seen a duck pull a truck. Florida Gators room going come win, an easy as that.”

And when the Vols go not straight respond....the comment triggered a an answer from an additional college football power...albeit countless miles away,

The Oregon duck posted a video of their mascot pulling a truck!

Have you ever seen a Duck pull a truck?

GoDucks) September 22, 2016

Tennessee"s official Twitter account responded, sort of, with a set of emoji"s the usually average that"s no one of mine business. Coach Butch Jones and also Vol players have said they execute not arrangement to get associated in the trash talk v the Gators.

Florida, the course, couldn"t resist. They responded, from their main football account, by saying, "Props come Oregon...must have actually taken a if to discover that footage from ago in 2004.

Props come Oregon...must have actually taken a when to discover that footage from earlier in 2004. #GoGators https://t.co/TJXW6jHcx0

— Gators football (
GatorsFB) September 22, 2016

The tweet was a recommendation to the truth that the Vols have not defeated Florida in 11 years.

Tennessee and also Florida will certainly obviously resolve the matter on the ar on Saturday. Kickoff is collection for 3:30 p.m. In Neyland Stadium.

Before the Vol"s house opener, the Oregon duck tweeted a photo with Smokey v a subtitle that read: "SMOKEY, my love. To win those Appalachian mountains. Her friend, Duck."

SMOKEY, mine love.Beat those Appalachian mountains.

TheOregonDuck) September 2, 2016

Tennessee and also Oregon have only challenged off twice, in 2010 and also 2013, with the duck winning both games.

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