So am I correct that tbelow is no quick travel poster for the Antenna area? You simply have to manually walk ago to it via the sewers from either old tvery own or slums?


That's correct.

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There's no quick take a trip so you need to go with the tunnels to gain right here. There's a tunnel entrance that leads to the Antenna map in the Slums, and one in Old Tvery own, (Sector 0).

There's also no rapid take a trip between the Countryside and Old Tvery own or the Slums.

The only fast take a trip in the game is between the Slums, (The Tower), and Old Tvery own, (Troy and Savvy's Loft).

You can likewise quick take a trip between the Slums and the Arena for the Bozak Horde, and also the Harran Prikid for the Prison Heist. Tbelow could be a Bozak poster in Old Tvery own for fast travel to the Arena from tbelow. Not sure.

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I check out, many thanks for the clarification. Kinda wish they had actually quick travel for all areas, yet oh well

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