If you own a Chromecast machine but can not seem to obtain it to work properly on part devices since of the adhering to error message: ‘Casting device audio is not supported on this device’. This article will display you several troubleshooting actions you deserve to follow to gain things working again!


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Chromecast is among the finest ways to broadcast contents wirelessly to her tv or home entertainment system. The cheap, simple to collection up and generally functions without a fuss. However, similar to all modern-day tech devices, that does occasionally have issues. Among the most common staying clear of audio native being transfer alongside video. Return an error article doesn’t always accompany the fault, you may sometimes get the following error message: ‘Casting mechanism audio is not supported on this device’.

In most cases, a simple machine Restart will solve the problem without any kind of further actions being required. Yet if that doesn’t work, you’ll should dive a small deeper right into the problem. Therefore follow follow me as this short article takes you through some Chromecast: ‘Casting mechanism audio is not sustained on this device’ error troubleshooting steps.

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How perform You resolve Error: ‘Casting mechanism audio is not supported on this device’ When utilizing Chromecast?

If a simple restart hasn’t fixed the issue or if the keeps returning, again and also again, you’ll should take more action. The an initial thing girlfriend should examine is the Video present Extension that Chromecast uses to cast. Uninstalling and reinstalling the video Stream extension is the best course of action and deserve to be done in only a few minutes. ~ you have removed the extension Restart your computer (for good measure) then reinstall it. If this still doesn’t solve this issue, you’ll need to shot the next solution.


Make certain You have actually Selected ‘Share Audio’.

Double examine that girlfriend haven’t by chance disabled the choice to re-superstructure Audio. If girlfriend have, you i will not ~ get any audio when you start sharing. Back this is a common sense solution….. You’d be surprised how regularly it is missed.

Make sure \"Media Router Component\" extension is allowed in Chrome.

If the above solution hasn’t helped with ‘Casting device audio is not supported on this device’ you’ll need to examine that the Media Router Component extension hasn’t been disabled in chrome:flags. Without this, Chrome won’t have the ability to cast anything. Come check, open up a new tab in Chrome, climate copy and also paste the complying with text into the deal with bar and also press Enter.

When you gain to the page, friend will check out Load Media Router Component expansion highlighted yellow. Now simply use the drop-down crate to make certain it is collection to Default or Enabled. If you should make a change, make certain you Restart Chrome afterwards, otherwise it won’t take effect.


Reinstall Chrome.

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If nothing has actually helped so far, it may be time to uninstall and also reinstall Chrome. This is generally taken into consideration the quickest and easiest way to resolve an assortment of usual Chrome errors.