Nev and also Max met a mrs they dubbed the most "diabolical" catfish ever, yet was the online fraud as evil as they originally believed?

The bizarre tale unfolded top top tonight"s episode of the hit show when the duo to be contacted through a young woman called Paris; she"d met a skilled basketball player virtual and, after some x-rated flirting, hooked up through him in person. But the romance shortly turned sour: The b-ball player, Paris said, came to be threatening and posted her nude photos online. And when Paris" mom called cops, he uncovered himself in large trouble: Police started investigating him for possession of kid porn since Paris had actually told the she to be 18 when she was really just 17.

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But there to be an insane twist: turn out, Paris and the athlete"s message exchange -- and also even your rendezvous -- was being orchestrated through a Canadian woman called Shelly, that was posing as each of them. And, apparently, Shelly had actually not only been the human being who post Paris" nude image online, but Paris claimed she additionally extorted the basketball player because that cash. On height of that, police revealed, she"d posed as a guy named Tom and conducted an online romance through a Texas woman for years, also using the female together a go-between to collect the money from she extortion scheme. When cops started investigating Paris" case, all indications pointed to Shelly; she was ultimately arrested and sentenced to 18 month in prison.

So what was the problem if Shelly was in the slammer? She wasn"t anymore. The 33-year-old had just to be released, causing Paris come panic.

"I would certainly bet mine life that she"s going to execute it again since she was so unsympathetic," Paris said Nev and Max, describing Shelly"s no-remorse mindset in chilling detail. "I"m hoping you guys have the right to make certain ."

But when Max and also Nev tracked under Shelly, lock didn"t uncover the evil one they"d expected. Instead, she was a soft-spoken, self-proclaimed "hermit" who"d invested her life taking care of her bedridden mother; in fact, Shelly hadn"t left the home for nearly 12 years before her arrest. Living in online solitude, she"d gone virtual to establish "one attach to the exterior world," Nev noted. But, many interestingly, she asserted Paris" account the what occurred wasn"t accurate.


According come the now-married Shelly, she"d watched Paris trying to get the athlete"s attention online; once he ignored her, Shelly messaged Paris pretending to it is in him. Then, she said, she promoted their meeting due to the fact that the Texas woman argued it. That"s right: Shelly said she"d never posed as Tom when talking come the female and also that the two were friends. The woman, asserted Shelly, to be no victim: Shelly stated that she was the one who started what turned into the extortion scheme -- and that the mrs received fifty percent of the money.

For his part, Nev appeared doubtful, noting, "A many of people will say you"re tho lying."

"I have actually no reason to lie about this -- I currently did my time," Shelly responded. And also then, finally, she proved remorse.

"My whole time in jail, I maintained thinking of what taken place to and Paris, and also I was thinking, "Why the hell did I message her?" i blamed her first few months in jail. I blamed the cops, i blamed the judge, ns blamed my lawyer. Yet I realized I can only reference me."

She then expressed her desire to move on native her past and, at last, start a family. And after the plaintive conclusion, Nev claimed he felt "conflicted" about the case.

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"We assumed we to be going to fulfill a monster," the reflected. " if there"s one point I"ve learned after numerous seasons that Catfish, it"s that there are no monsters at the end of the line -- only people who want something better."

But what carry out you think of Shelly? was she informing the truth, and also was she not totally to blame for the ruse? Or do you think she plot alone and also falsely blamed the Texas mrs for her scheming? placed on your detective"s hat and also tell us your thoughts, then catch another Catfish Wednesday at 10/9c.