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Cestui Que Vie plot 16661666 thing 11 18 and also 19 Cha 2

An Act because that Redresse of Inconveniencies by want of Proofe of the Deceases of Persons past the Seas or absenting themselves, upon who Lives mansions doe depend.

X1Recital that Cestui que vies have actually gone beyond Sea, and that Reversioners cannot discover out even if it is they are alive or dead.

Whereas varied Lords of Mannours and others have actually granted chateaus by Lease because that one or more life or lives, or else because that yeares determinable ~ above one or much more life or lives and it hath regularly happened that such human being or persons for whose life or resides such Estates have beene granted have actually gone past the Seas or soe absented themselves for many yeares that the Lessors and also Reversioners cannot finde out whether such person or persons be alive or dead by factor whereof such Lessors and Reversioners have actually beene hosted out of possession of your Tenements for many yeares after every the resides upon which such estates depend room dead in regard that the Lessors and also Reversioners as soon as they have brought Actions because that the recovery of your Tenements have beene putt top top it to prove the death of your Tennants once it is nearly impossible because that them to find the same, for remedy of i beg your pardon mischeife soe commonly happening to such Lessors or Reversioners.

X1Abbreviations or contractions in the original kind of this Act have been increased into contemporary lettering in the text set out over and below.

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C1Short title “The Cestui que Vie action 1666” provided by Statute legislation Revision action 1948 (c. 62), Sch. 2

C2Preamble skip in part under government of Statute regulation Revision plot 1948 (c. 62), Sch. 1

C3Certain indigenous of it spreads widespread repealed by Statute law Revision act 1888 (c. 3) and remainder skipping under authority of Statute law Revision action 1948 (c. 62), s. 3

Cestui que vie remaining beyond Sea for 7 Years together and also no proof of their Lives, referee in action to direct a Verdict as though Cestui que vie were dead.E+W

If such person or persons because that whose life or stays such Estates have actually beene or shall it is in granted as aforesaid candlestick remaine beyond the Seas or elsewhere lacking themselves in this Realme by the an are of seaven yeares together and noe sufficient and evident proofe it is in made of the stays of such human or persons dong in any activity commenced because that recovery of together Tenements by the Lessors or Reversioners in every such situation the human or people upon whose life or lives such legacy depended chandelier be accounted as normally dead, and in every action brought because that the recovery of the said Tenements by the Lessors or Reversioners their Heires or Assignes, the Judges prior to whom such activity shall be lugged shall direct the Jury to offer their Verdict together if the person soe remaining beyond the Seas or otherwise absenting himselfe to be dead.

II. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . F1E+W

IV If the an alleged dead guy prove to be alive, then the location is revested. Action for mean Profits with Interest.E+W

people shall it is in evicted the end of any Lands or Tenements through vertue of this Act, and after that if such human being or persons upon whose life or lives such heritage or mansions depend candlestick returne againe from beyond the Seas, or chandelier on proofe in any action to be lugged for restore of the very same be made appeare to it is in liveing; or to have actually beene liveing at the time of the Eviction that then and also from thenceforth the Tennant or Lessee that was outed of the same his or their Executors Administrators or Assignes candlestick or might reenter repossesse have hold and enjoy the said Lands or Tenements in his or their former Estate for and dureing the Life or lives or soe long terme together the said person or persons upon whose Life or stays the stated Estate or manors depend shall be liveing, and also alsoe shall upon activity or Actions to be brought by the or them against the Lessors Reversioners or Tennants in possession or other persons respectively which because the time that the said Eviction received the Proffitts the the claimed Lands or Tenements recuperate for damages the complete Proffitts the the stated Lands or Tenements respectively through lawfull interest for and from the moment that he or they were outed of the stated Lands or Tenements, and also kepte or organized out of the very same by the claimed Lessors Reversioners Tennants or various other persons that after the claimed Eviction obtained the Proffitts of the said Lands or Tenements or any kind of of them respectively as well in the situation when the said human being or persons upon who Life or resides such heritage or manors did rely are or shall be dead at the time of bringing of the said action or Actions as if the said person or persons whereby then liveing.>

X3Variant analysis of the text provided in The statutes of the Realm together follows: O.

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