Sword and also magic preeminence in the continent of Kuna"ahn. Also residing over there is the fear "Evil Dragon" Daganzord, an unstoppable pressure that pipeline nothing but charred land and destruction where he goes. Hiiro"s parents, Bairo and Kismitete, joined various other sorcerers in a magic ritual ten years earlier in an attempt to seal Daganzord, however failed when someone interfered. After gift rescued by Giruu, young Hiiro collection out to discover swordsmanship so the he could avenge his parents...

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Fuji & Gumi Games" strategy drama RPG adheres to mysterious girl who lug the surname of legendary weapons (such as "Masamune") together they find for their shed memories.

TagsActionFantasyMagicMonstersRPGShortsExplicit ViolenceMitsuhiro Hidaka: duty Playing SoldierMusic video (1 ep)2019

On a details island wherein Halloween festivities are in complete swing. Djeeta and also the others discover themselves in a villageadorned v jack-o"-lanterns. They enjoy the bustle that the streets, which space lined with stalls selling candy. As Djeeta and the others continue exploring the village, they hear rumors around a boy who"s been missing since the morning...

TagsActionFantasyTales the Luminaria: The Fateful CrossroadOther Kamikaze Douga

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In the Wahrheit Empire, humanity"s spirit remains fragmentised from a disaster in the past where numerous lives were lost to bloodthirsty monsters that were as soon as summoned. But the fate that the resources is around to drastically adjust when shy move worker Inumael and also naive realm soldier Leocadio get recorded up in a smuggling incident.

A century has passed because King Kyle of the Orvelia kingdom damaged the fierce demon mr Angmund, restoring tranquility to the lands. However serenity was not intended to last forever—with the news of brand-new demon appearances getting to the ear that young squire Kasel, that bands with each other a group of companions the embark ~ above a trip to locate the fabled holy sword to loss the new enemies.

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Princess Connect! Re:DiveVol: 2Cycomics2018

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TagsActionFantasyShounenKakusansei Million Arthur: Gunjou no ShugoshaVol: 3Comic Dengeki Daioh2013 - 2015

In a strange twist on Arthurian legend, young art pulls the magical sword Excalibur the end of a stone--only to find himself as one of a million Arthurs, fighting to protect the island the Britain from enemies and to earn the location of the true king. Arts is nice puny, however his childhood girlfriend Ligu (who was likewise chosen by an Excalibur) tries to store him from being instantly killed. Shortly Art resides in a castle with knights, i m sorry are developed beings that serve the kings. Indigenous the respect v which the treats the knights, that inspires some to expect he becomes the true king. Yet is the really achievable by a scrawny crybaby favor him?

TagsActionFantasyShounenFate/Grand Order: epos of Remnant - Shinkai Dennou Rakudo SE.RA.PHVol: 2+; Ch: 13+Young Ace Up2019 - ?
TagsActionFantasySeinenFate/Grand Order: Chaldea Scrap - Nakatani SakuhinshuuVol: 1; Ch: 8Newtype Ace2017 - 2018

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TagsFantasyBravely Archive: D"s Report (Light Novel)Vol: 1GA Novel2016

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TagsActionAdventureFantasyLight NovelsTenka Hyakken: ShunVol: 2; Ch: 12Dengeki G"s Comic2017 - 2019

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TagsActionFantasyShounenHistoricalFate/Grand Order: epos of Remnant - Ashu Tokuiten ns - Akusei Kakusetsu Makyou Shinjuku - Shinjuku Genrei JikenVol: 1+; Ch: 4+Shounen Ace2019 - ?

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