(Dean, what"s poppin"? Yo, Travis)Mhm, ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-oohMama"s bailing down that road, yearn 9021...She a erotic star girl, ah, from the valley(Honestly, God bless)Who left she hometown civilization all for the alleyOh, developed Lake Tahoe all from she panties(I hope it to be wet choose my jumper, though)Ooh, used to take the long means homeLong way home, all for that candy, mm (Hahaha)Baby"s hooked on emotion lowDo, do, doDo, dooJacques rotate La Flame, now he rolling on an AddyFifty on a chain, "nother fifty top top a Caddy, ohHe might pop him a pill, pop him a seal, pop anyonePop anything, popular music anything to discover that alleyHmm, yeah, to find that alley, mmBaby"s hooked on emotion lowDo, do, doDo, dooIn the 90210, 90210, searching for that alleyIn the 90210, 90210, searching for that alley, oohIt"s the superstar girl, superstar girl, roaming in that alleyBaby"s hooked on emotion lowIn the 90210, 90210, somewhere in the alleyOohOoh-ooh-ooh-oohYeahMy granny called, she said, "Travie, you work-related too hardI"m concerned you forget about me"I"m fall in and also out that clouds, don"t worry, I"ma obtain it, Granny, uhWhat happened? now my dad happyMama dubbed me up, the money coming and also she love meI done made the now, ns done discovered life"s meaning nowAll castle days she heart"d break, her heart not in pieces nowFriends transforming into fraud n*ggasPracticing half the passion, friend n*ggas packaged differentAll friend n*ggas, you n*ggas desire the swag, friend can"t have itI"ma sell it, you n*ggas salad, us "bout the cabbageYoungest n*gga out of Houston at the GrammysSmiling in ~ "em laughing in ~ meI happen the rock to Ye, that pump faked climate passed the back, b*tchAll the this off of rapping, should"ve composed this in Latin, yeah, yeahMmm, ns know, i know, ns know, ns know, ns knowI know, ns know, ns know, ns know, ns knowCuzzo said we in the stu", yeah, us "bout come drop a fourHe passed the cigarette, ns choke, wooTold mine auntie put them "Ports down, lock "Ports downNow you understand you love your own nowHit the stage, they gained their hand up, don"t put your nose downI ain"t knockin", n*gga, ns knocked the door down, for sure nowWhole crew, ns swear castle counting on meGold chains, gold rings, I got an island top top meHouses on me, he gained them ounces ~ above himHoly Father, come conserve these n*ggas, I"m styling top top "emGood Lord, I watch my good fortune in every these horsesI"m driving too quick to stop, so all these signs, I ignore themDistant sky, from north of the border, mine chips is in orderMy mom"s biggest supporter so currently a n*gga assistance a n*gga