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Cleveland Indians decrease Charlie Sheen’s civilization Series first Pitch Idea

The team reportedly additionally has not reached out to the last enduring member of the last Cleveland team to success the World series in 1948.


Ricky "Wild Thing" Vaughn won't it is in throwing out a an initial pitch for the Cleveland indians in the civilization Series.

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Following your victory versus the Blue Jays in the American league Championship Series, the Indians have an possibility to success their first World series title due to the fact that 1948. Currently they just need to wait and see if they’ll take the field versus the Cubs or Dodgers in the an initial game top top Tuesday since the National organization Championship collection is still in the works.

However, when just around everyone who has actually a link to Cleveland is excited about the prospect of 2 of their skilled teams winning a location in the very same year complying with a prolonged championship drought, over there is at least one person who isn’t specifically thrilled around how it’s every gone down. Eddie Robinson, that is the just surviving member of the indians team the beat the Braves in 1948, claims he hasn’t heard a word native the franchise during their run and also that he’s “disappointed.”

Francisco Lindor and also Cleveland ind Look to get rid of Baseball's other Title Drought


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“That’s the funny thing about it: i haven’t heard a cursed word native Cleveland. Not a word,” Robinson said the daily News. “I’m disappointed. It just seems like they would want to talk to any kind of member the the ’48 team, allow the press talk come them. Ns don’t understand it. Perhaps they’ll contact me.”

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Even if they don’t, though, Robinson states he’ll still root because that the indians in the civilization Series. It’s probably since he has very fond storage of win the title v Hall the Famers such as Larry Doby, Bob Feller and Joe Gordon.

On the other end of the spectrum, Charlie Sheen certainly won’t be gaining a contact from the ind in the lead-up come the people Series. Sheen tweeted earlier this week the he’d love come throw the end the first pitch – because, you know, he play Ricky “Wild Thing” Vaughn in the movie major League earlier in the work – yet the Indians have reportedly declined in bespeak to provide the respect to a “former franchise great.”

Major League continues to be the giftthat keeps top top giving!

if referred to as upon,I’d be honored.

— Charlie Sheen (
charliesheen) October 20, 2016

They haven’t announced who that previous franchise good is yet, however Robinson sure sounds favor a good option right about now. No indigenous if Wesley Snipes, Tom Berenger or Corbin Bernsen, who starred along with Sheen in major League, room interested in the respect or if the franchise would have actually them.