Off Rtg: 115.2 (1st the 29) Def Rtg: 101.8 (1st that 29) Net Rtg: +13.4 (1st that 29)

Expected W-L: 70-12 (1st of 29)

Preseason Odds: Championship +350

Arena: United facility Attendance: 969,149 (2nd the 29)

NBA 1996 Playoffs:Won NBA eastern Conference an initial Round (3-0) matches Miami Heat(Series Stats)Won NBA east Conference Semifinals (4-1) versus new York Knicks(Series Stats)Won NBA east Conference Finals (4-0) matches Orlando Magic(Series Stats)Won NBA Finals (4-2) matches Seattle SuperSonics(Series Stats)

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More 1995-96 Bulls Pages

Depth Chart

Point Guard
Steve Kerr1919 MP, 8.4 Pts/1.3 Reb/2.3 Ast, 8.3 WSRon Harper1886 MP, 7.4 Pts/2.7 Reb/2.6 Ast, 6.3 WSRandy Brown671 MP, 2.7 Pts/1.0 Reb/1.1 Ast, 1.5 WS

Shooting Guard
Michael Jordan3090 MP, 30.4 Pts/6.6 Reb/4.3 Ast, 20.4 WS

Small Forward
Scottie Pippen2825 MP, 19.4 Pts/6.4 Reb/5.9 Ast, 12.3 WSToni Kukoč2103 MP, 13.1 Pts/4.0 Reb/3.5 Ast, 10.1 WSJud Buechler740 MP, 3.8 Pts/1.5 Reb/0.8 Ast, 2.3 WS

Power Forward
Dennis Rodman2088 MP, 5.5 Pts/14.9 Reb/2.5 Ast, 6.2 WSDickey Simpkins685 MP, 3.6 Pts/2.6 Reb/0.6 Ast, 1.2 WSJason Caffey545 MP, 3.2 Pts/1.9 Reb/0.4 Ast, 0.4 WSJohn Salley191 MP, 2.1 Pts/2.5 Reb/0.9 Ast, 0.2 WS

Luc Longley1641 MP, 9.1 Pts/5.1 Reb/1.9 Ast, 3.5 WSBill Wennington1065 MP, 5.3 Pts/2.5 Reb/0.6 Ast, 2.8 WSJames Edwards274 MP, 3.5 Pts/1.4 Reb/0.4 Ast, -0.2 WSJack Haley7 MP, 5.0 Pts/2.0 Reb/0.0 Ast, 0.0 WS

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