Querétaro"s triple change. Kevin Ramírez and Maxi Perg come out and also Nico Sosa and also Alexis Doldán come in.

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Goalkeeper! Ponce sends a shot and Aguerre deflects the ball, climate Huerta appears, however again the goalkeeper appears.
Chivas" triple change. Miguel Ponce, César Huerta and Carlos Cisneros space substituted for Cristian Calderón, Jesús Angulo and Gilberto Sepúlveda.
Querétaro"s twin change. Damián Torres and also David Cabrera space substituted because that Jonathan Dos Santos and Bryan Olivera.
Goal, goal, goal because that Querétaro! Balanta sends out the round to the center, Dos Santos receives the ball and also sends a left-footed shot that ends up in the back of the net.
Gallos stay close to first! Cervantes crosses, Gudiño saves, Escamilla counter-attacks and also Gudiño conserves again.
The first couple of minutes to be hard dealt with in midfield, through both teams in search of the opponent"s goal.
R. Gudiño; A. Mayorga, A. Briseño, G. Sepúlveda, L. Olivas, C. Calderón; J. Angulo, U. Antuna, F. Beltrán, S. Flores; A. Vega.
W. Aguerre; O. Mendoza, E. Vera, D. Cervantes, M. Perg; K. Escamilla, K. Ramírez, B. Olivera, K. Balanta; J. Dos Santos, P. Barrera.

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Both groups take the ar for warm-ups before the begin of the complement in Querétaro.


¡Ya salieron a la cancha nuestros Gallos!