It is given that boiling suggest of chlorine is 239 K. To transform temperature in level Celsius, use the formula together follows.

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Temperature in Kelvin = Temperature in level Celsius + 273

or, Temperature in level Celsius = Temperature in Kelvin - 273

= 239 - 273


Thus, we deserve to conclude that when chlorine boils in ~ 239 K climate boiling suggest of chlorine express in degrees Celsius is .



Temperature that the gas is identified as the level of hotness or coldness of a body. That is express in units prefer and also


These devices of temperature room inter convertible.

We are given:

Temperature of the gas =


Converting this unit the temperature right into by utilizing conversion factor:





Thus the temperature is .

To convert from celsius to Kelvin, include 273.15. The number 273.15 is used due to the fact that 0°C = 273.15 To transform from Kelvin come Celcius merely subtract 273.15 239- 273.15 = -34.15°C

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Chlorine boils in ~ 239 k. What is the boiling suggest of chlorine expressed in levels celsius? a. 93°...
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