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one of the recent in a long line of football player that have actually taken the Glenville to Columbus pipeline, linebacker kris Worley look at to sign up with players like Donte Whitner, Ted Ginn Jr., and Marshon Lattimore together NFL successes native the Cleveland high school.

In addition to the Glenville pipeline, Worley also joins a lengthy list of effective Buckeye linebackers to make a run at a career in the NFL. In addition to position-mate Jerome Baker, Worley will certainly look to proceed a streak that has only two seasons in the previous decade that Ohio State didn’t have actually a linebacker drafted in among seven rounds.

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The linebacker finished his collegiate career through 154 total tackles (99 solo), 11 tackles for loss, 2 sacks, three compelled fumbles and also an interception. Worley was called a team captain for his senior season, and also saw play time in 50 gamings for the Buckeyes, beginning 24 times.

“He’s just a really, really clever football player; he’s a male who understands the video game at a very high level,” protective coordinator Greg Schiano said, according to Ohio State.

He lined up at all 3 linebacker positions in 2017, and also despite missing three games due to a foot injury, still regulated to finish 5th on the team in tackles through 56. The linebacker is good for more than just bringing under receivers and also running backs, in 2017 he regulated four quarterback hurries, behind just DE Nick Bosa.

Scouting Report

Here’s what the pros room saying in his NFL incorporate Scouting Report:

STRENGTHS: Team leader with impressive football character. Has overcome an individual adversity on and off the field. Former safety with a feeling for play development. Aggressive striker. Takes great care to dole out as lot punishment as he can as hitter. Surprisingly agile together open field tackler. Able come bend and also explode laterally right into late cutback attempts. Rarely enables broken tackles as soon as he’s able to square up runners. Steps easily into run lanes to constrict leave angles. Theatre his keys. Has core special groups potential.

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WEAKNESSES: motion is rigid and segmented. Plays right legged. Lacks fluidity in open up field and is slow-moving with readjust of direction. Below average taking on blocks and squeezing the edge against tight ends. Needs to proceed to add play strength. Pursuit acceleration is lacking. Doesn’t have the rate to overcome flow diagnosis. Gets captured up behind climbing guards. Lacks athletic traits come handle guy coverage and will have to leave the field on happen downs. Production has been unimpressive.


Height: 6-1 3/8”Weight: 238 lbsHand size: 9 2/8”Arm length: 31 2/8”Wingspan: 75 6/8”

Combine Results

Bench press: 15 reps