Here"s a screenshot that the profession agreement. It"s a straight one-for-one trade of an excellent Works that Writing. I"m playing on Standard, v no expansions. I"m confused as to what the AI expects to obtain from this trade.

Mine was produced in 50AD and also his was created in 1350 AD, but both provide 4 culture 4 tourism - space older people worth an ext in some various other intangible way? Is this something where he desires some kind of cultural diversity among his an excellent Works? Is this some weird thing Ghandi especially likes to do?

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Great Works have actually a theming bonus.

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In order come qualify because that the theming bonus, the housing building must have its slots filled v Works that the same subtype by various Artists.

So that may have been a matter of castle trading a "duplicate" artist in exchange for one whose work-related they did no yet have. The exact same could use to ensuring the exact same subtype however in your case it"s a book-for-book trade.

For completeness" sake, artifacts have a various ruleset because that theming bonus:

Each Artifact will have actually an Era and a Civilization. In order come qualify because that the theming bonus, the containing building must have three artifacts from the same era (ancient era, classic era, etc) but created by various civilizations.

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answered jan 15 "19 at 12:18

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