Taylor Swift perform her very first — and also last —concert the the year at club Nomadic Saturday night. Getty photos for DIRECTV




much more than 9,000 concertgoers jammed society Nomadic to watch Taylor Swift perform. Getty images for DIRECTV

Swift competent a bad case that "2175forals.com hair," as her blond locks walk limp amid the heat and also humidity in the venue as the display progressed. Getty photos for DIRECTV
The show was vintage Swift, v high power songs punctuated through a slower segment in the center in i m sorry she denote her considerable talents ~ above the guitar and also a baby cool piano. Getty pictures for DIRECTV
"By coming here tonight girlfriend are essentially attending 100 percent that this year’s tour dates, so give thanks to you," Swift said. Getty pictures for DIRECTV
Kicky graphics appeared on a big screen behind the stage throughout the Taylor Swift concert. Getty pictures for DIRECTV

Superstar Taylor Swift carry out her very first — and last —concert of the year at club Nomadic Saturday night, together a group of 9,000 jammed the momentary venue because that its taking leave Super key concert. “As much as I recognize I"m law one present in 2017. As far as ns know, this is the one show," Swift called the crowd. "By coming here tonight friend are basically attending 100 percent the this year’s tour dates, so thank you."

Around 11:30 pm, the singer, put on a black sequin-and-fringe mini dress and black bedazzled booties, appeared in a cloud the smoke and launched into "The Night is still Young" (and "So are We," the group sang along, waving LED wristbands that flashed shining colors come the music), "New Romantics" (the bonus monitor from her hit album 1989), and also "Blank Space." The hits kept coming throughout the virtually two-hour concert, with such favorites together "Bad Blood," "We Are never Getting back Together," "Out of the Woods," "You Belong with Me," "All as well Well," and also "Wildest Dreams" throughout the 17-song set.

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Swift additionally offered the very first live performance of her new ballad, "I Don"t Wanna Live Forever" indigenous the new Fifty Shades Darker movie. Prior to performing an acoustic version of the track she apologized the her collaborator Zayn Malik wasn"t there to sign up with her top top the duet and asked the group to take it his place.

In a segment about top-selling song she has actually written, Swift carry out "Better Man," a No. 1 nation song she composed for Little big Town — it"s the first time she has performed the song live — and an acoustic version of Rihanna"s "This Is What You come For," i beg your pardon she and also her ex, Calvin Harris co-wrote. 

And, come no one"s surprise, she finished the show with her monster hit, "Shake the Off," informing the crowd, "It"s time to dance."

The display was vintage Swift, through high energy songs punctuated through a slower segment in the center in i beg your pardon she showcased her significant talents on the guitar and also a silver baby grand piano. Throughout each song, kicky graphics and also awe-inspiring photos flashed top top a screen that ran the length of the lengthy stage in the slick production.

The just thing that wasn"t perfect was Swift"s hairdo. She proficient a bad case the "2175forals.com hair," as her blond locks went limp between the heat and humidity in the venue as the present progressed. Yet it didn"t it seems to be ~ to slow her down as she wiped the sweat from her challenge often between songs and then resumed she trademark movements, through a upper and lower reversal of the head and a nod come the crowd.

Celebrities turned the end in droves because that the concert, which was billed together DIRECTV currently Super Saturday Night. Olympians Simone Biles and Aly Reisman posed for photos through John Legend ~ above the the red carpet and Legend"s wife, Chrissy Teigen, appeared in better spirits than the night before when she refused to be photographed.

Other celebs included brand-new York jet receiver Brandon Marshall and also Heisman winner Tim Tebow, both attract white shirts, actors chris Evans, Vince Vaughn, Jeremy Renner, and also Adrian Grenier, actress Lea Michelle, TV personality Maria Menounos, and also quarterbacks Tony Romo and Eli Manning.

Orange is the new Black co-star Ruby climbed DJed set before and also after Swift"s appearance.

Although a temporary venue, society Nomadic acquired high marks together a concert space. Organizers included a walkway over the gravel leading to the venue, which do walking in high heels much simpler for the ladies, and, inside, the was basic to move approximately even between the huge crowd. The acoustics were excellent and, although the meet is large, it seemed intimate together we was standing only around 40 feet native the stage in the general admission section during Swift"s performance.

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While there was a long Uber line at the end, traffic in the area to be surprisingly straightforward to navigate. After ~ the concert, mine friends and I walked a few block come Washington and easily called Uber to take us home in a issue of minutes.


Taylor Swift set list:

New Romantics22Blank SpaceI Knew You were TroubleStyleI Don"t Wanna Live ForeverYou Belong with MeThis Is What You came ForBetter ManRedWe space Never ever Getting earlier TogetherLove storyAll too WellEnchanted/Wildest desires medleyBad BloodOut the the WoodsShake it Off