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Comcast is warning customers that few of its own networks may disappear indigenous its cable television service in December.

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In a notification mailed to customers with their most-recent bills and also posted online, Comcast stated its covenant to carry dozens the local and national networks will expire in ~ the finish of the year.

Among the influenced channels are Bravo, CNBC, E!, the Golf Channel, MSNBC, the Olympic Channel, Oxygen, Syfy, Telemundo, universal Kids, NBC Universo and the USA Network as well as the NBC sporting activities Network and six local NBC Sports-branded networks. New England Cable News is also among the affected channels that can be dropped.

In enhancement to the cable networks, Comcast claims NBC owned-and-operated stations, including KNBC (Channel 4) in Los Angeles, KNTV (Channel 11) in san Jose and also WNBC (Channel 4) in brand-new York, are affected by the lapsing contract.

Carriage conflicts are not inexplicable in the pay television market — cable and satellite suppliers have uncovered themselves in ~ the center of these occasions in current years together programmers demand an ext money for channels and also distributors seek to ease the rising cost of subscription fees the their customers space asked come pay.

But the Comcast case is unusual due to the fact that the cable giant owns NBC Universal and also the channels that room slated to it is in dropped. The networks are lugged under an agreement negotiated in between the cable service and its subsidiary broadcast and also cable network group.

“Comcast has efficiently renegotiated hundreds of expiring contracts end the years and rarely competent an discontinuity of service,” a statement included with the notification said. “However, the is possible that contracts because that the channels noted below will certainly not it is in renewed, in which instance Comcast would no longer have the appropriate to carry those networks on our systems.”

It seems unlikely Comcast won’t have the ability to reach an covenant with itself before its own contract concerning the channels it own is collection to expire. But any rate Comcast sets because that itself can influence how much the cable distributor charges its rivals prefer AT&T, Charter/Spectrum and Dish Network for carriage that its broadcast and cable networks on those platforms.

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Like various other pay TV companies, Comcast is legally required to inform customers the any feasible loss of networks due to an expiring contract within a specific amount the time together mandated by the Federal communications Commission.

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