A company that allows you come license software application monthly to usage online is an example of


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Software patent is a legal record between the publisher and also individual user. The publisher is likewise known together licensor and individual is known as purchaser.

While to buy a software application , one should keep in mind about different functions of the license which room as below:

Stand-Alone Software:

Stand-Alone software program are those software application which does not come in majority or they are installed in a single computer or supplied by one individual user.

The benefit of the stand-alone software is that they do not require any help from any other software and the disadvantage is the separation, personal, instance cannot usage the stand-alone software in a various system. The comes with hardware defense key.

Network license:

It comes with a hardware security crucial without taking treatment of number of customers included in the network license.

For instance Quick heal has a network license of 10 systems. Therefore, 10 systems deserve to install the fast heal antivirus and also after that it will block because that license.

Site license:

Site license is a kind of patent that permits installing software program package in multiple system simultaneously.

Subscription license:

Subscription patent are provided for rental purpose that the software program on the subscription basis. The subscription may be monthly, quarterly or yearly basis.

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A firm that allows you to license software monthly to usage online is an instance of Subscription


A software program license is an agreement between individuals, service providers or email that authorizes the use of that software and also its application. Together each person or agency has a different economic situation so licensing ways have actually been introduced. There space five alternatives .i.e. Stand-alone, Networked, Site, Cloud, and also Subscription.


In this case, you are renting a software application on a subscription basis rather of to buy permanently. The basic in the subscription is that rather of paying collective upfront because that the software you are charged monthly, quarterly and annually.

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Subscription software application is good for momentary projects, short-lived staff, and also other institutions when you need a routine for minimal use.

Subscription is now a work is a trending means of using software on lease rather of to buy permanently. Since these are updated and easily accessible to usage on easy packages. Sometimes permanent software are an extremely hard come purchase because of their higher prices.