I am currently at a composite bow +10. It shows up lightning update from over there is best, is the right? can not seem to discover much discussion around this online for some reason.

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From what ns remember indigenous my very own research, upgrade routes on bows room tricky, since they only give a rise to their corresponding arrow types. Fire bows rise fire arrows, magic bows boost magic arrows(which i think space only gained from a particular covenant), and there are no lightning arrows. I think there's lightning crossbow bolts, more than likely for the pun, yet that's it. I can be misremembering things, as it's been a while due to the fact that I looked it up, therefore maybe shot testing through some quick bows prior to taking the plunge with the link bow. Sorry ns couldn't offer a definitive "best bow" answer.

Look up MrInever4get or something favor that. I think has actually multiple elemental archer builds. The isnt a straight answer to you yet you can just look in ~ the builds and also follow them

27/40 Str/Dex top top the typical upgrade course is the finest as the bow scales v both. Girlfriend only need 27 strength because you receive the two handing toughness bonus when you shoot the bow giving you 40 reliable strength.

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Chaos composite bow v fire arrows or constant +15 v 27 40 stats using large arrows. 27 40 will be much better in most scenarios however chaos composite is nearby enough and requires just the minimum stats to weild the bow allowing for allot of other stat investments.

I can‘t number out exactly how to upgrade the composite bow past +10. The alternative isn’t obtainable to me. Is there a unique blacksmith I need to seek out, or can I not acquire to +15 without the proper stats (st/de)? Otherwise, I’ll inspect out the chaos sitch. Thank you for this reason much!

I uncovered out the hard way that bows don't necessarily range the very same as melee weapons.

Took the black Bow that Faris come a maxed-out Lightning weapon. In ~ some point in The Painted World, I came to be really frustrated v the damage it was doing. After ns got earlier to Lordran I had actually a smith regress it to +10 Standard and then took it back up to a +15 typical Weapon. Through a 40 Dex, it now generally does over 300 pts of damages with typical arrows.

I ended up doing the exact same thing v the Zweihander after ~ seeing the my Lightning Zweihander was doing less damage in melee than my friend's +15 Zwiehander.

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This is an excellent to know, say thanks to you for this reason much. I’m also highly interested in the zweihander, so this is an excellent info!


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