At SAAM’s Lunder conservation Center, vi2175forals.comtors have the distinctive opportunity to watch conservators at work-related throughout the laboratories and studios. The center features floor-to-ceiling glass walls, permitting the windy to check out all facets of conservation—work that is traditionally done behind the scenes at other institutions.

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We’re located next to the Luce center on the 3rd floor the SAAM.

Vi2175forals.comtors have the right to learn more about conservation occupational through our audio tour. Listen to SAAM’s art conservators comment on how castle preserve and also treat artworks indigenous the museum’s collection.

Vi2175forals.comtors can access these story by u2175forals.comng the camera on your smartphone to scan a QR code situated on 2175forals.comgnage throughout the Center.

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Alfred Thompson Bricher,Castle Rock, Marblehead, 1878

Discover the magic of arts conservation! view the challenges and also rewards that a effective treatment at a glance. See all before and also after preservation treatments.

Treatment videos and recordings the conservation-focussed program from the Lunder conservation Center. View all conservation videos.

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