The ideal place to be as a man when approaching women to try and get phone numbers, dates, get laid, etc. is when you can walk up to a woman and not have any fear of interacting with her. It’s easy to walk up to a woman and start a conversation with her when you can tell she likes you because of the way she made eye contact with you before you approached her. As I’ve said many times before, repetition is the mother of skill. When you have talked to, interacted with, asked out and dated dozens and dozens of women, you start to see the patterns of who really likes you, and who does not. You will get to the point where you only approach women who like you and who are open to meeting you. It’s easy and effortless that way. Women who are looking for what you are looking for will spot you at the same time you spot them. They will also chase you and make an effort to see you. That is what effortless looks like. The more experience a guy gets interacting with women, the less time he will spend interacting with and trying to date women he has no chance with. If you look comfortable and natural and have a confident presence about you, women will notice you and feel sexual attraction for you. If you look uncomfortable and unnatural, women will avoid you because they do not want to feel awkward.

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You want to have an “all is well” attitude. You don’t care about rejection because you know it’s part of the process to getting what you really want. The more you do something over and over and the more you fail at it, the better you get at it, and the more confidence you will exude when doing it. At first you will definitely fail more than you succeed. Why? For the most part, you are going to be approaching women who have little to no interest in you. The more women you talk to and interact with, the more women you will come across who like you. Then you start seeking and looking for women to approach who exude the same behaviors and body language that women who like you do. Once the light bulbs go off, rarely will you approach women who reject you again.

Women love to give their opinion on pretty much everything LOL. Asking opinions from pretty clerks in the mall about cologne, clothes, gift advice, etc. will give you simple opportunities to ask beautiful women questions and become comfortable interacting with them. Then, once you realize they don’t bite, you are ready and comfortable enough to go to the next step. Next, you can ask them low risk questions to determine if they are single and like you enough to go on a date with you. The following are the best pickup lines and questions to ask women with almost no risk of rejection along with high risk/reward pickup lines:

Conversation Starters:

“What are you girls up to tonight?”

“What’s up ladies?”

“You seemed like you were a nice girl, so I had to come over to see what you were really like. What’s your name?” Let her tell you. Then say, “It’s nice to meet you (her name).” Without volunteering your name. Why? Because if she likes you, she will ask you what your name is. If she does not like you she will say, “Nice to meet you too.” Without asking for your name. If her enthusiasm is lacking and her response cold, then say, “Have a great night!” and walk away. Don’t waste your time talking to women who have low or no interest in you. All you want to know is “Are you in, or are you out?” Do they like you or not?

“How are you all doing tonight?”

“What up?”




The Mayor Campaign: As you walk by people at a party, social event, bar, etc. raise your glass and say, “cheers ladies!” as you gently knock your drink glass/bottle against theirs. You could then say, “Ya all having a good time tonight?” They’ll say yes, and then say “cool” as you continue on to do the same thing with the next group of girls. Do not stop until you stop by every group of pretty women and have done this at least once. After you do this enough, you will realize that women who find you attractive will ask you to stay when you try to walk away, and then they’ll start asking you questions. Since you know that the person who is asking the questions is in charge of the conversation, you will always make sure you are asking enough questions to keep the women doing 70 to 80% of the talking. This way you will remain mysterious and interesting. If you feel really comfortable and it’s really obvious certain women like you, then ask for their phone numbers. Just go at your own speed and pace. Don’t try to do too much too soon, or you will overwhelm yourself with fear and accomplish nothing.

Best Line To Get Her Number… Then Leave So You Can Get Others: Take out your phone as you say, “Hey, I gotta run, but I’d like to talk to you. What’s your number?” If she likes you she will give it to you without hesitation. If she really likes you she may even give you her e-mail, her work number, twitter name, etc. If she does not like you… she will ask for your business card… tell you she does not know you very well… say, “Why don’t you give me your number and I will call you?”… or some excuse. They help you when they like you. They make it hard when they don’t.

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Advanced Seduction & Pickup Lines:

“I want you. You’re amazing! What evenings do you have open this week?”

“You’re amazing! I want you! Let’s grab a drink together.”

“I don’t know who you are, but I do know you’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever laid eyes on. I want you! When are you free to meet me for a drink?”

Whatever you say to a woman, it’s always best if you say it from your heart. Women love men who are direct and get to the point. Guys who are weak and unsure of themselves will beat around the bush, look nervous, etc. You must go… and grow… at your own pace. It’s like a game of golf. You’re only playing yourself. You must practice enough to build your skills and your confidence. Repetition is the mother of skill.