We deserve to all agree that the just thing that’s lacking from Charles M. Schulz’s Peanuts world is, well, us. The Peanuts Movie manager Steve Martino think so, too—so he went ahead and built a website that ultimately makes beginning the Peanuts’ cosmos possible.

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Peanutize Me, a brand-new website native Martino and also his cohorts, allows you change yourself into a Schulz-esque character, climate share her cartoon self through your girlfriend on Facebook and also Twitter.

“Charles Schulz always said there’s a tiny bit of that in every the characters he created,” Martino called USA Today. “You construct the character that represents you. And also since these space Peanuts characters, they sort of allude to people’s inner child.”

Now’s the 2175forals.com to ask yourself: Is her inner boy a blonde, or a brunette? Does that or she sports a ‘90s-style friendship bracelet, or a pair that glasses? Does her inner child favor standing straight in former of Linus together he snuggles his protection blanket in the autumn breeze, or straight in former of Pig-Pen together he revels in his cloud of dust at a college dance?

The Peanuts Movie access time theaters Nov. 6.



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