In two separate games, double I obtained the occasion that allows you to end up being Cathar, and I never ever received events towards various other heresies.

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Since i like really much come play together Cathar, I"d choose to know how to maximise the chances of getting this event.

As far as I know you just have to be Catholic, and also put your Chaplain in her home district to research cultural tech… so, besides having a Chaplain with a high learning, it"s simply luck?

Was it simply happenstance that ns twice acquired to become Cathar and also not one more heresy, or is this society dependant? first time i was Irish, second time Breton.

This, presume there space no various other Cathars to be found, that course.

The only DLC I have actually is boy of Abraham, and also this should work on Ironman mode.


If you really desire to become Cathar, i think over there are an ext effective methods of act this. I can think of two:

Have your follower educated by a Cathar character (if they are diligent and zealous it will rate up the conversion)Invite diligent and zealous Cathar personalities to her court - lock have an occasion that can convert random courtiers to their faith (you have the right to then select to convert)

Also, keep in mind that heresy in basic spreads much faster if ethical authority of your religion is low. You can aid it follow me by appointing an anti-pope.

If friend really want to stick with the court chaplain research, you deserve to see the possibilities of his "failure" in the tooltip - failure means he i do not care a heretic. I think the game just choose a heresy at random though, so i think this might take a long time.



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