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"Ready because that the time to gain Better" is a tune written through Allen Reynolds, and recorded by American nation music artist crystal Gayle. It was released in January 1978 together the fourth solitary from the album Crystal. "Ready for the time to acquire Better" to be Gayle"s fourth number one top top the U. S Billboard Hot nation Singles chart. The solitary stayed at number one because that one week and also spent a full of ten main on the chart. The tune was a significant Adult modern-day hit top top the charts of both the U. S. (#3) and also Canada (#4). It was additionally a modest crossover hit to the popular music charts the both nations.more »

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I"ve acquired to tell girlfriend I"ve been rackin" mine brainHopin" to uncover a way outI"ve had enough of this continuous rainChanges room comin", no doubtIt"s to be a too long timeWith no tranquility of mindAnd I"m prepared for the timesTo obtain betterYou it seems ~ to want from me what i cannot giveI feeling so lonesome in ~ timesI have a dream that i wish I could liveIt"s burnin" holes in my mindNa, na, na

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crystal Gayle decision Gayle (born Brenda Gail Webb ~ above January 9, 1951) is one American country music singer finest known for she 1977 country-pop hit, "Don"t It make My Brown eyes Blue". An award-winning singer, she collected 20 number one nation hits during the 1970s and also 1980s (18 No. 1"s on Billboard and 2 ~ above Cashbox). Likewise famous because that her almost floor-length hair she was voted one of the 50 many beautiful human being in the human being by human being Magazine in 1983. She is the youngest sister (by 19 years) of singer Loretta Lynn and a far-off cousin the singer Patty Loveless. Crystal Gayle has a star ~ above the Hollywood go of Fame, close to Loretta Lynn"s star. An ext »


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