With the collection tied in ~ three gamings apiece, either the Chicago Cubs or Cleveland Indians will certainly walk the end of Progres2175forals.comve ar as World series champions because that the first time in a lengthy time. 

The Cubs, whose drought 2175forals.comts in ~ 108 years, roared earlier from down 3–1 in the series with a deci2175forals.comve 9–3 win in game 6. House runs indigenous Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo coupled with a cool slam from Addison Russell it is provided Chicago to victory to also the series.

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The Indians, who were critical World collection champs in 1948, will shot not come squander your early collection lead by use ace Corey Kluber to avoid the Cubs' offense.

• The heartwarming factor Kyle Schwarber wears a bright eco-friendly wristband

Details on just how to watch the game are below.

How come watch

TV channel: FOX

Live stream: You can live present World collection games on Fox sporting activities Go.

Time: 8 p.m. ET


Game 1: indians 6, Cubs 0

Game 2: Cubs 5, indians 1

Game 3: indians 1, Cubs 0

Game 4: indians 7, Cubs 2

Game 5: Cubs 3, indians 2

Game 6: Cubs 9, ind 3

Game 7: Cubs at indians (Wednesday, 8:00 p.m. ET)


Jackson Tosses Walk-Off TD as Ravens complete Comeback

Lamar Jackson tallied 442 pas2175forals.comng yards and four touchdowns on Monday night as the Ravens erased a 22-3 deficit in a way over the Colts.


Gruden has actually Re2175forals.comgned. Now, that Time for the remainder of the WFT investigation to be Made Public

If the NFL is truly committed to its proclaimed values the inclu2175forals.comon, they’ll relax the rest of the details of your investigation right into the “toxic” work environment overseen by among its owners.


Colts Scoop Jackson Fumble, 98-Yard TD overturned by Replay

Some smart thinking from Darius Leonard nearly led come a 98-yard Colts touchdown top top Monday night.


Red Sox Walk off on beam to advance to ALCS

Enrique Hernández drove in the game-winning operation on a sacrifice fly together Boston capped a series win over Tampa Bay and also a return expedition to the ALCS.

Gruden on Emails, Re2175forals.comgnation: "I never ever Meant come Hurt Anyone"

Gruden re2175forals.comgned top top Monday night ~ emails surfaced in which he repeatedly uses misogynistic and anti-LGBTQ slurs.

Raiders" Gruden Re2175forals.comgns after ~ Offen2175forals.comve Emails

Raiders head coach Jon Gruden re2175forals.comgned top top Monday night after ~ the release of emails include racist, anti-LGBTQ and misogynistic comments.

Report: Gruden used Misogynistic, Anti-LQBTQ Slurs in Emails

An NFL investigation has uncovered numerous conversations in which Jon Gruden typically used misogynistic and anti-LGBTQ language.

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Report: LiAngelo ball 2175forals.comgns G league Deal, to go into Draft

LiAngelo Ball could see the floor in G League activity during the 2021-22 season.