“The Cubs WIN! Magic number is four! No, no exactly, it’s five. Cubs take 3 of four from the Brewers, they deserve to clinch on Monday! Well, no. They in reality can’t clinch till Tuesday in ~ the earliest.”


There has been a the majority of confusion about the Chicago Cubs and their magic number. This is understandable, which is why I wanted to clarify what is going on.

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The magic number is the quantity of wins by the team in very first or casualty by the team in 2nd it takes for a team come clinch a playoff berth. So if the first place team has a magic number of four and they win, and also the second place team loses, the new magic number is two (a video game for the win, and a video game for the 2nd place team’s loss).

So why has it seemed different for the Cubs?

It yes, really hasn’t been different, it seems that method because the second place team keeps changing. Due to the fact that the St louis Cardinals and also the Milwaukee Brewers save leap frogging each other, the Cubs, in a sense, have a virtual two and a half game magic number.

Since the Brewers have actually played an ext games than the Cardinals, yet have the exact same amount the losses, they have actually a half game command on St Louis. V the Brewers having Monday off, and since they are in second, the Cubs deserve to only mitigate their magic number by one through a win. If the Cardinals are to success on Monday, lock pull right into a tie through the Brewers.


If the Cubs success on Monday, the Cardinals would be eliminated and also the magic number would certainly be one, end the Brewers. At that point, any Cubs win or Brewers loss would certainly clinch the division. The earliest the Cubs might clinch would certainly be Tuesday.

If the Cardinals success on Monday, the Cubs might still clinch on Tuesday, however it would certainly take a Cubs success (eliminating the Cardinals) and a Brewers loss to Cincinnati.

If the Cardinals victory on Monday and Tuesday, the very same rules would use from the critical scenario, except bumped a day. This would proceed to hold-up if the Cardinals continue to win.

If the Cardinals sweep, things gain crazy. Especially if the Brewers Sweep. The Cubs would go into their last collection of the season with a two video game lead on both the Cardinals and Brewers. Because Milwaukee and St Louis pat each various other in their final weekend, one of those teams would remove the various other – however have a shot in ~ the divisional crown if the Cubs obtain swept. If the Cardinals win 3 of the four games, they would certainly be eliminated, but the Brewers would go into that last series with the possibility of a divisional tie. Of food the Cubs would have to gain swept through the Reds together well.

Armageddon scenario! If either the Brewers or Cardinals win out, and the Cubs lose out, the team the wins their staying (six or seven games) would win the division. If the Cubs were just able to win among their remaining seven games, there might be a tie and also a solitary game playoff would determine the divisional winner.

But the only method the Cubs might fail to victory the division is if one of two people Milwaukee or the Cardinals were to success out, and also the Cubs were to victory one or less games the remainder of the way.

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