From her hit songs to her beef through Tammy, one of #LHHATL’s newest actors members is thefts the show. Plenty of people believe that Betty Idol is transgender however they space mistaken. Betty Idol’s BFF D. Smith has actually been transitioning from guy to woman for the past few years.

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D. Smith is the Grammy Award-winning producer featured ~ above Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta. VH1 defines that she is finest friends with Betty Idol. The image listed below shows him her before the transition:
D. Smith before Transitioning

In the adhering to Instagram write-up she explains that she to be a man as result of her attempt to meet society.
A many of people loved the human on the left but, this human being was put together with bits and pieces the what society wanted. This human being was so much gone in satisfying everyone else, the one began to loosened touch with one’s true really self. That person use to be me! I’ve judged world for being who they were. Ns was angry and also insecure. Ns dated beautiful girls. When I say beautiful, I average BEAUTIFUL girl that i cheated on with men since I couldn’t fight mine deep feelings because that them. Afraid of loosing or disappointed my family and also friends, I live a terrible lie. I’ve pains so countless people since of this. Mine career. OMG my career! 🙊 The church, going come the gym, selling music, the money and also most importantly, mine life. Ns could loosened it all. To be honest, I’m ashamed of the person I usage to be. To think, I’m no the only one through this story… Hello, i am D. Smith. The sexy, fearless and also last but not least, genius 😉 mrs on the ideal is me! i am official 1year and 6 months into my transition. Through that being said, because that the an initial time in mine life ns am honest. Not only to myself, but to the world around me. I have nothing to hide, which pipeline me no selection but come live free. Now I don’t need to worry about hiding in the shadows of a lie and feeling that dreadful feeling as soon as I hurt someone that ns truly care about. This message isn’t an attempt for acceptance and to be quite frank through you MF’s, ns don’t provide a fuck! Lol. I created this since I am no much longer hiding! i am a PROUD infectious diseases worldwide Woman!!!!!💃🏽 #transisbeautiful #love #me #trans #new #beforeandafter #2016 #God #blessed #pride #girlslikeus #fashion #lgbt #power #all #beautifulpeople #us #now #fashion #face #music #happy #finally
A photo posted through D.Smith (
truedsmith) top top Mar 14, 2016 at 8:26pm PDT
Published may 8, 2016

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