The heated rivalry in between The Miz & Daniel Bryan lasted for years in WWE. It started in NXT and was combated over gold, pride, and passion!

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Daniel Bryan and also Miz feud
it is rare the two guys feud for an extended period of time. For some wrestlers, favor Ric Flair and also Dusty Rhodes, the feud it s long ages. In various other cases, such together Hulk Hogan and also Randy Savage, lock off-and-on feuded their entire careers till Savage lastly retired. Daniel Bryan and The Miz space something special, though.

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WWE put Bryan and also Miz together appropriate after signing the former Bryan Danielson come a contract v the company. In 2001, Bryan was on his means to being one of the ideal wrestlers ~ above the planet, and also Miz was on The genuine World. Through 2010, they to be both in WWE together, and also Miz to be the "veteran." by 2019, the two were still feuding, proving that their rivalry stood the test of time.

The Miz offered as Daniel Bryan

once Daniel Bryan an initial made his WWE debut, the company pulled off an angle that embarrassed Bryan and confused his long-time fans. The agency debuted him in NXT, which was not the best wrestling display in WWE but was a fact competition show where young talent make the efforts to knife a roster spot. WWE then placed Bryan with Miz, who was his mentor. It was a joke due to the fact that Bryan had been wrestling while Miz was still certification on The actual World. Their rivalry was clear from the start.

Miz and Daniel Bryan

The Miz maintained pushing Bryan"s buttons, and it didn"t aid that Michael Cole was working as a Miz-friendly hoe commentator, violation everything around Bryan"s wrestling accomplishments. When Bryan was eliminated from the competition, fans want to view the two men fight. That happened on Monday Night Raw on might 31, 2010, once special guest Ashton Kutcher booked the 2 in a match. Bryan beat Miz and was all set to take it his location in WWE. However, there to be an obstacle when WWE exit Bryan ideal after Nexus made your debut.

Daniel Bryan in ~ SummerSlam 2010

as soon as Nexus made its debut ~ above the June 7, 2010, episode of Monday Night Raw, Daniel Bryan choked the end announced Justin Roberts through a tie. Apparently, that crossed a line, and also WWE released him come avoid negative publicity. However, they got negative publicity for releasing Bryan.

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WWE carried him ago for SummerSlam 2010 as soon as John Cena was placing together a team to fight The Nexus. The Miz want to be Cena"s final member, and also Cena determined Bryan instead. Miz interfered, leading to Bryan"s elimination, however Cena"s team still won.

Daniel Bryan vs Miz at Night of champion 2010

One month after the SummerSlam attack, Daniel Bryan was not a full-fledged member of the WWE roster. After simply one month through the company, Bryan earn a title shot. As a result, it was The Miz defending his United claims Championship versus Bryan in ~ Night that Champions 2010. That enhance ended v Bryan getting an additional notch in his belt when he beat Miz and became a champion in ~ the event. 2 months later, Miz won the WWE Title, for this reason the gyeongju was still on for that was the best.

One year after Miz won his very first world title in WWE by cashing in the Money in the bank briefcase, Daniel Bryan walk the very same thing. In ~ TLC in December 2011, Bryan supplied his MITB briefcase to cash-in and become a human being champion through beating huge Show. This intended that one year after making his debut in WWE and getting treated prefer a joke, he to be the people Heavyweight Champion. ~ above the very same show, Miz dealt with in a different people title match yet lost in his match.

For numerous years, WWE placed the Daniel Bryan and Miz feud on the backburner. In 2016, it appeared that it would never take place again. On February 8, 2016, Bryan came out ~ above Monday Night Raw and also officially retired from experienced wrestling due to a significant neck injury.

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However, he to be still under contract to WWE, and also on July 18, Shane McMahon brought ago Bryan as the brand-new general manager the SmackDown Live. That was right here that The Miz was one of the peak stars, and also Bryan plainly loved to press his button.

This caused the best moment the The Miz"s career when it pertains to promos. Daniel Bryan and Renee Young to be co-hosts that Talking Smack, an after-show because that SmackDown in ~ the time. On respectable 23, 2016, The Miz come out ~ above Talking Smack and also cut a promo that reignited the feud and also proved the Miz is among the best in the service is when he gets on the mic. Bryan was pushing his buttons again, and Miz delivered a blistering promo that made fans wish Bryan could get in the ring again.

On march 20, 2018, a wonder occurred. Daniel Bryan had actually been working on alternative treatments because that his neck injury, and also he was able to pass plenty of physicals and was cleared to go back to action. He to be not only cleared come return, however he was coming back on a full-time schedule. One month later, The Miz was drafted back to SmackDown after a short stint ~ above Raw. This brought about a Miz & Mrs party, based upon Miz"s show with his mam Maryse. Throughout this segment, Miz struck Bryan, kicking off the feud again.

Eight years after their very first match during Bryan"s "rookie" year ~ above NXT, five-time world champion Daniel Bryan combated one-time world champion The Miz in ~ SummerSlam 2018. There to be no title on the line, and this was simply two males who hated each other and feuded on-and-off because that eight year wrestling when again.

Miz lastly beat Bryan, back he had actually to use brass knuckles the his wife handed him come beat the man he as soon as mentored. The two men wrestled have due to the fact that then. Bryan won your last two big matches (Crown Jewel 2018 and also an episode of SmackDown in 2019), both with human being title shots ~ above the line.

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