Daniel Jacobs said he desires a rematch through Gennady Golovkin to prove he is the ideal middleweight in the world.

Daniel Jacobs outgunned Maciej Sulecki at the Barclays center to end up being the obligated challenger to Gennady Golovkin.

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The proud Brooklyn middleweight was driven all the means by a spirited Sulecki before, having actually scored a final round knockdown, he took a unanimous decision via scores that 116-111, 117-110 and 115-112 to victory the WBA last eliminator bout.

After the raucous house crowd roared Jacobs right into the ring, the was actually Sulecki, untouched in 26 up to this fight, that landed a pair of clean best hands to take it command of the hit in the an initial three minutes.

The Pole, jerking in and out of range, landed much more hooks flush in the next to pressure Jacobs back, providing him an early lead end the somewhat surprised pre-fight favourite.

In the third, "Miracle Man" started to obtain a foothold and show his class, excellent movement allowing him to land huge bombs, yet "Striczu" defiantly seemed undeterred.

The momentum further swung in favour of the new Yorker in the next few, clapping left hooks in the fourth halting the Polish competitor in his tracks, prior to a rocking shoot staggered Sulecki, 28, in the 5th after one entertaining firefight in the center of the ring.

If there to be a emotion in the facility that Jacobs would certainly cruise to a points success from the midway point, his foe, intent on keeping his unbeaten document intact, had actually other ideas, regularly catching a frustrated Jacobs on the means in.

Sensing a shock victory and also stimulated through his edge in-between rounds, Sulecki gave as an excellent as he acquired from 6 to nine, equivalent the former world champion in closely-fought periods that can have unable to do either way on the scorecards.

The 10th observed Jacobs again present his class when that was an extremely much needed, a beautifully time left hook recording the eye in a ring that saw the tide turn when more.

The male from Warsaw, whose reputation will have enhanced massively despite defeat, tho regularly regulated to breach the American"s defence though, yet it was the Brooklyn male who found a thumping appropriate cross in the last to send "Striczu" come the canvas.

The Pole went back to his feet and valiantly came back firing together the pair relentlessly traded leather to finish an all-action work in brand-new York.

Whether Jacobs will certainly now gain an immediate shot at Golovkin seems unlikely v the Kazakh - who also has lingering mandatory responsibilities with both the IBF and WBC - rumoured to it is in rematching "Canelo" Alvarez in the fall.

"He was a challenging customer. Ns came prepared for every little thing he had, ns was do the efforts to go for the knockout due to the fact that the fans want a great show," Jacobs claimed afterwards.

"I assumed I done very well come grab a unanimous decision.

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"My corner told me i was up so i was i was sure going into the critical round. Ns didn"t feeling his strength that that shook me up yet he definitely showed he has actually power and grit and belongs at middleweight.

"Ultimately, we want the males with the belts. If us can"t obtain them, we will certainly go down the list. If Brooklyn desires Charlo, wherein you at Charlo? come view me."

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