If the score these job is to appeal to young people, watch no further than Daniel Tosh.

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Host that Comedy Central"s "tosh.0," which lampoons the everyday treasure trove of web videos created by the world, Tosh has constructed a cult-like following with irreverent hilarity that strikes a chord through just about everyone.

He take away on everything from NFL football to bill Cosby and doesn"t hold ago on finding new and different ways to insult his audience and also offend everyone with delicate sensibilities. And he brings it all to Clemson university on April 22 as component of the tosh.show Campus Tour.

Tosh will certainly visit 22 campuses in 24 days beginning April 14 at the college of Nebraska. And also while his comedy specials have found him ~ above the receiving end of fatality threats (especially in 2012 when he joked around rape and also found the net backlash quite severe) he proceeds to press the needle more as the videos he features on his present get an ext and much more outrageous.

Tosh was born in Germany and went to college in Florida. After attending the university of main Florida (a stop on his campus tour on April 25) the hit the road and also started the life that a stand up comedian ~ above the comedy club circuit. By 1998, he showed up as among the new Faces in the just for Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal and his bookings at such events took him throughout Europe.

His network debut came on "The Late present With David Letterman" and he performed several times there until Letterman"s retirement. He additionally appeared top top "The Tonight display With Jay Leno," "The Late, Late present With Craig Kilborn," "Jimmy Kimmel Live," "Last contact With Carson Daly" and several stand up comedy showcases on Comedy Central.

But the cultivation Internet age developed the perfect possibility for the casual, observational comedian that is one moment self-deprecating and the following wildly arrogant. The increase of YouTube provided a plethora of comedy that would ignite the fire of "Tosh.0" on Comedy Central. The present riffs top top any number of web videos from civilization cutting under trees that autumn on their homes to pranks of every shapes and also sizes. He likewise interviews the greatest names in viral videos indigenous the male that did "Chocolate Rain" to the "Leave Britney Alone!" kid.

The show started in 2009 with an order of just 10 episodes. Yet it was conveniently raised to 16 when ratings took off. Today, "Tosh.0" is in the middle of its ninth season there is no a slowdown in sight.

But his campus tours are among the most popular since they are a mix of Tosh"s comedy routines and also material details to the region. You have the right to bet Tosh will have a take it on Clemson"s national Championship in football and something to say around campus life in general.

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The tosh.show Campus tourism Clemson protect against will be on April 22 at Littlejohn Coliseum. Tickets room still obtainable at ticketmaster.com.