Most boxing observers appeared to believe that if anyone can threaten Floyd "Money" Mayweather"s undefeated record, it to be Saul "Canelo" Alvarez. The 23-year-old phenom was thoroughly outclassed, though, and while it"s unlikely the anyone can measure approximately Mayweather at this point, Danny Garcia should be following on his list.

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With four fights and also two years remaining on Mayweather"s mega-deal with Showtime, he and his camp will be tasked v finding quality opponents. He seemed to have discovered one in the type of Alvarez, but the struggle was never ever close regardless of the criminal 114-114 scorecard that has actually been such a substantial topic that conversation in the days since the bout.

Mayweather could an extremely easily ride the end the remainder of his job by encountering fighters that pose no genuine threat, but even the an alleged best boxers in the civilization don"t it seems to be ~ to provide him trouble. Mayweather is ideal off recognize a fighter who have the right to both challenge him a tiny bit and aid him draw money, and Garcia is the ideal option in that regard.

Coincidentally, Garcia combated on Saturday"s undercard, and it have the right to be argued that he was simply as impressive as Mayweather was. Garcia was actually regarded as an underdog against Argentinian star Lucas Matthysse, but the Philadelphia product retained his light Welterweight Championships in a convincing unanimous-decision victory.


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The 25-year-old Garcia is currently 27-0, and also it deserve to be argued that his resume is far an ext impressive than Alvarez"s. Not only did Garcia loss Matthysse, yet he likewise holds triumphs over Zab Judah, Amir Khan and also Erik Morales. Cannes is likely among the fighters on Mayweather"s shortlist, but it is blatantly evident that Garcia would pose a lot stiffer challenge.

Mayweather is seldom at a loss for words, but after his destruction of Canelo he was very matter-of-fact around it on Twitter.

While it"s difficult to recognize for sure what Mayweather is thinking, it nearly seems as though he"s begging for someone to action up and also make him work for a victory. It remains to be watched if Garcia can be that guy, however of anyone within a couple of weight class of Mayweather, Garcia has had the many recent success.

Since Garcia has dealt with on the undercard the Mayweather"s bouts ~ above a couple of different occasions, the negotiation process would probably go quite smoothly. Mayweather wants to make sure that Mayweather Promotions beat a duty in all of his fights, and it"s likely that Garcia wouldn"t have any kind of problem with that.

Leading approximately the Mayweather vs. Alvarez fight, plenty of pundits were calling because that a rematch noted Alvarez put up a good fight. That merely wasn"t the case, though, so a 2nd fight in between them is almost certainly off the table.

Another apparent name that has been bandied around is Manny Pacquiao. Boxing fans have actually clamored for Mayweather vs. Pacquiao for the past pair years, but the two sides have constantly failure to pertained to an agreement. Currently that every one of the inert and all of the pull lives with Mayweather, over there is no means that that or his camp will certainly lessen their needs in terms of money and also other stipulations.

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Despite Pacquiao"s recent losses to Timothy Bradley and also Juan Manuel Marquez, he is still optimal Rank"s prized fighter, and promoter Bob Arum won"t kowtow come Mayweather by any kind of means. Even though the drawing power would certainly be immense, Mayweather told the Los Angeles Times" Lance Pugmire, "At this point, Manny Pacquiao is no in my plans."

The one worry standing in between Mayweather vs. Garcia may be the load class, as Garcia is at this time fighting together a light welterweight, while Mayweather has actually shuttled between welterweight and also light middleweight. If Mayweather goes ago to welterweight and Garcia moves up one class, though, they can make that work.