It have the right to be an overwhelming to download the Dead or lively Xtreme 2 computer game, but not on this site since you can obtain it right now on this site. This Fighting, Sport, Turn-based strategy (TBS) category computer video game has obtained thousands of superior reviews. Thousands of human being downloaded this game automatically after its launch on Nov 13, 2006 date.

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Dead or lively Xtreme 2 Overview

Game:Genre:Developer:Publisher:Released on:Platforms:Age Ratings:Score:Languages:Player’s Perspectives:Game Modes:Themes:
Dead or lively Xtreme 2
Fighting, Sport, Turn-based strategy (TBS)
Tecmo Co.
Ltd., Team Ninja
Nov 13, 2006
Xbox 360
Mature (PEGI 12)
7.3 out of 10
English, French, Spanish, Irish, Italian
Third person
Single player, Multiplayer

About Dead or alive Xtreme 2

Hundreds the users have actually admired the way Dead or alive Xtreme 2 PC game is performing on low-end PCs. You perform not require an high-quality gaming device to run this Comedy-themed computer game. Collaborate through your friend in the multiplayer mode to complete all the pursuits faster.

Dead or lively Xtreme 2 is a sporting activities spin-off video game in the Dead or Alive series and the sequel come Dead or alive Xtreme coast Volleyball. The title increases upon the activities available in the original, supplementing beach volleyball with added beach-related minigames. DOAX2 features a two-week vacation mode, whereby the player deserve to indulge in a range of activities.


each day is broken up into three segments (morning, afternoon, and evening), whereby players can perform a single activity during each. The game puts a solid emphasis on friendship; players should befriend the various other girls by to buy them gifts they gain from the assorted stores on the island, playing pool-hopping and also playing butt battles.


Doing so will rise the bond in between the 2 characters.


It gained the finest graphics and also background sound and also that’s why that has also gained 98.22 the end of 100 rating. This video clip game offers the gameplay in the first-person perspective to test her true gaming skills.

it’s the only PC game in the Fighting, Sport, Turn-based strategy (TBS) genre the has got top evaluate from users! The developers have actually released the latest updates for this video clip game on Aug 20, 2019.


The studio has actually launched new updates and 15592 followers gained those update frst. This video clip game acquired all its reviews from more than 12994 users.

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This is best racing video game according come 4835 users, who gave it peak ratings.

that didn’t take too lengthy to be the an initial choice of gamers across the world after its an international release top top Nov 13, 2006 date. Shot to play this PC video game on platforms choose Xbox 360, if you want to avoid lagging.

that pretty remarkable to check out 12763 buyers admiring the performance of this pc game.

You have the right to download this video game from below.