“After experiencing firsthand the results of self-destruction in my prolonged family, I became curious of the person condition and also how we could possibly with a point where us felt that… check out More 

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(Verse 1)Day by dayEverydayIs a battleIs a battle(Pre-Chorus)Loosing faithA fight every dayFor survivalFor survival(Chorus)She saidWill anybody even knowIf I'm goneI can't take another night aloneAnd ns saidHold onHold on to meYeahHold onHold on come meYeah(Verse 2)Looking backWith every breathFeeling shatteredYour Shattered
(Pre-Chorus)You did your bestGot nothing leftDoesn't matterIt matters(Chorus)She saidWill anybody even knowIf I'm goneCause i can't take one more night prefer this aloneAnd i saidHold onHold on come meYeahHold onHold on to me(Post-Chorus)When you're falling downHold onHold on to meYeahHold onHold on come meOooh yeah
(Bridge)When every little thing comes crashing downYou knowYou knowIt's harder when your lies come outYou knowYou know thatYou canHold onHold on come meYeahHold onHold on come me(Chorus)When you're fallout’s downHold onHold onHold on to meYeahHold onHold on to meOoohHold onHold on to me
“After experiencing firsthand the effects of suicide in my expanded family, I came to be curious of the human condition and also how we might possibly reach a point where us felt the there to be no hope.

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The believed of someone suffering in silence, feeling alone and also feeling choose there is no way out division my heart.

This video represents the isolated loneliness we can frequently feel…especially in the wake up of traumatic events. However in the finish it’s around reaching out for help as fine as getting to out to help others. Once we attach as person beings, we become stronger, and also are able come share and also let go of the burden one can feel.

If friend or someone you recognize is going with a difficult time, nothing be fear to reach out. Life is definitely worth living.

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H.O.P.EHold On ache Ends

“Hold On” is the very first solo single written, directed, and also performed by me, co-starring Kayla Ewell (“The Vampire Diaries”)"

Proud to relax this solitary in conjunction v the Movember Foundation. Walk to


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My new single “Hold On” is out now:


Derek Hough - organize On — Smarturl
"~Derek Hough
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Written By
Jayson DeZuzio, Joseph McQueen & Derek Hough
Kinan Chabani
Video production Company
Riveting Entertainment
Video Editor
Director of Photography
Pascal Knock
Video Director
Derek Hough
Release Date
October 31, 2017
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