Emma and Audrey regulated to save Noah after he was brutally stabbed and then buried in a maketransition casket on tonight"s episode of Scream, however the Lakelumber teenagers were unable to rescue Zoe from a similar fate: After racing to Wren Lake, they found the dear, sweet brainiac -- aka the girl that lastly took Noah"s virginity -- dead in her own coffin.

Our first reaction:

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Our second reaction: Is dating Noah the kiss of death or WHAT? (Still reasoning of you, Riley.)

So that eliminated The (Former) Virgin"s new girlfrifinish (and also Jake...and also Eddie...and also Mr. Branchild...and Haley)? This season"s major suspect Stavo was conveniently MIA this episode (hmmm); for that issue, so was Kieran (HMMM). Even Queen Brooke only made an appearance through a text message to Emma (miss out on you, girl, come earlier difficult following week!). As for the extremely suspicious Eli? We"re offering him even more side-eye than ever before after he watched Maggie put a note in that tree, proving he either knows one of her tricks or the bit creeper was stalking external Emma"s bedroom bereason, you recognize, that"s what he does finest.

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Meanwhile, Lakewood teens aside, Sheriff Acosta announced that he has actually a brand-new suspect.

"I think Brandon James can be back," he told Maggie.

Um, wait -- wasn"t Brandon James swarm by police on the very dock wright here Piper perished?

Well, yeah -- however a series of flashbacks confirmed a young Mags and Sheriff Acosta (look at that, he was sort of hot ago in the day) finding a wounded Brandon in the woods, then bringing him to the pig farm. But also if Brandon were alive, why would certainly he wreak havoc on Lakehardwood now?

"Piper was his daughter as well," Sheriff Acosta reasoned. "Maybe her death brought him out of the woodwork. Maybe he wants revenge."

For her component, Maggie was skeptical.

"Brandon couldn"t have survived all that out tright here on his very own," she said. "I just don"t think it"s possible. He"s dead in the woods somewhere."

But is he? After all, Sheriff Acosta did uncover that someone"s been living in an enigma bedroom at the abandoned pig farm. And someone is obsessed with swine hearts -- as soon as Maggie uncovered one in Piper"s body (all together now: YUCK), the sheriff told her it was a authorize "for us -- around what we did." So what did Miguel and Maggie do? Do you think Brandon James might REALLY be back? And are you as sad as we are that Zoe came to be the killer"s fifth victim? Tell us your thoughts, then get prepared for more Scream on Tuesday at 10/9c!