Lyin’ to me was worse 보다 what he could’ve done with any kind of bitch. I reduced him off just like that. Take a bathtub man, i said, don’t describe

Hush now, don’t explainJust say you’ll remainI’m glad your back, don’t explain

Quiet, don’t explainWhat is over there to gainSkip that lipstickDon’t explain

You understand that i love youAnd the love enduresAll my thoughts are of youFor I’m so completely yours

Cry to hear people chatterAnd I recognize you cheatRight or wrong, don’t matterWhen you’re with me, sweet

Hush now, don’t explainYou’re mine joy and also painMy life’s your loveDon’t explain

Written v Arthur Herzog Jr. The is stated that Billie’s lyric was influenced on real-life heartache, once her husband, Jimmy Monroe, came residence one night with lipstick traces on his collar. Exit in 1945, the would become one that her ideal known tunes.

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Released in 1945, it would become one of her finest known tunes.

Recording Session: session #52: new York, November 8, 1944, Decca, Toots Camarata and His Orchestra, through Russ situation (trumpet), Hymie Schertzer, Jack Cressey (alto saxophone), Larry Binyon and also Dave Harris (tenor saxophone), Dave archer (piano), Carl Kress (guitar), Haig Stephens (bass), George Wettling (drums), billy Holiday (vocals), and six strings.

– Wikipedia & Donald Clarke’s “Wishing top top The Moon” & “lady Sings The Blues by Lady & wilhelm Dufty

Billie’s Blues aka “I Love my Man”
Everything Happens for The ideal

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