Don't Starve with each other transforms the popular survival video game into a participating adventure, with couple of changes to the core experience.

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However, one an essential difference is what happens when you die. In the initial Don't Starve, fatality spells the end of your journey unless you have activated a touch stone or uncovered a unique item the revives you automatically upon death.

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In Don't Starve Together, friend turn right into a ghost upon dying. You can float roughly the world, adhering to other players and also haunting items on the floor. However, that isn't automatically clear just how to revive yourself (or a ghost friend). This overview will cover everything that you require to know to revive yourself and also your friend in Don't Starve Together.

just how To recovery In Don't Starve Together

as soon as you die and become a ghost, you might feel a little bit lost. Friend can't communicate with noþeles (other 보다 haunting objects, which typically doesn't carry out much).

However, if friend come throughout a Touch Stone together a ghost, to rise over and also haunt it. This will certainly revive you, but you can only do this once.

every player in your lobby gets to usage the Touch stone once, and also that is all. If you dice again, you'll have to go with one of the other choices in this guide.

If girlfriend can't find a Touch Stone, friend will need to uncover one that the following items:

Life providing Amulet Meat Effigy Telltale Heart

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The Life offering Amulet is things that you have the right to craft in Don't Starve Together. It needs the adhering to ingredients:

1x Red Gem 2x Nightmare Fuel 3x yellow Nuggets

You must be in ~ a Prestihatitator to do the Life giving Amulet, so make this crafting terminal a priority when structure a base.

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To use the Life giving Amulet, you should haunt it on the floor whilst hovering about as a ghost. This can be an amulet the you have made, or one the a friend crafts after girlfriend die.

A Meat Effigy is another item the you deserve to use to revive you yourself in Don't Starve Together. You deserve to craft it with the following items:

4x mustache Hairs 4x Boards

like the Life offering Amulet, you should use a Prestihatitator to handmade the Meat Effigy.

The Meat Effigy won't recreation you instantly upon death, therefore you'll require to come to be a ghost when you die still.

as a ghost, technique the Meat Effigy and also interact v it to conserve yourself indigenous a ghastly afterlife.

If friend don't have any of the above items and also you can't discover a Touch Stone, you will need to resort to a Telltale Heart. These are a lot easier to make, yet they have to be offered by a friend, rather than simply haunting that on the ground.

To make a Telltale Heart, you require the complying with items:

1x Spider Gland 3x reduced Grass

Someone have to make the heart and then connect with a ghost come revive a dead player. Once you are resurrected, your max health and wellness will be decreased by 25%, so that is finest to shot the other options over first.

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