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Stephen W from spring Hill, FloridaI"m partial come Pamela Smith"s version on Pamela - i Love you . I am a bit prejudiced - she"s mine daughter 1Rotunda indigenous Tulsa, OkI tho love this tune & Lesley Gore after every these years. Once it to be #2 in Dec. "63, I was in high school & having obstacles with a boyfriend who was make the efforts to be domineering with me. Well, anyone who knew me ago then knew i was no the type of gal to be toyed with!! In short, that tried to overcome me so ns just set him straight and left him v two black eyes & bruised ribs! ago then, ns was 200 lbs. At 6" 3" tall and not a girl to be trifled with. Haaa! go Lesley Gore, Go!!!Barry native Sauquoit, NyOn December 22nd 1963 "You Don"t very own Me" by Lesley Gore entered Billboard"s hot Top 100 chart; and on January 26th, 1964 it peaked in ~ #2 (for 3 weeks) and also spent 13 mainly on the optimal 100...Talk around bad timing; the 3 weeks she to be at #2 some brand-new group called the Beatles were at #1 because that their very first time through "I desire To host Hand" ("You Don"t very own Me" had jumped indigenous #13 come #2, the Beatles moved from #3 come #1)... In between 1963 and 1967 she had actually nineteen records make the peak 100; with 4 reaching the optimal 10 and one peaking at #1 ("It"s my Party" for 2 weeks in 1963, and also it was additionally her debut document on the peak 100)...Ms. Gore, born Lesley Sue Goldstein, will celebrate her 68th birthday come next might 2nd.Elmer H indigenous Westville, OkBack in 1963, ns was a pre-teen once this hit was in the top Ten, however I knew the the lyrics blog post was inexplicable for the chart hits of the times. Ago then, i recall that few of my buddies believed that it take it guts because that a girl to take such a stand with her boyfriend. You Don"t very own Me!! The tune was therefore catchy----how can you not favor it! i still love to hear that on the oldies stations. Because Lesley Gore still tourism from time to time, I want to go watch her show. Hard hit. Fabulous star!!!Sal from Greasefalls, IdFrom a men POV. I witnessed the TAMI show when Lesley Gore sang this track live. Ns was 13 then and, although a kid, her "performance" stuck in my head. That both fear the hell out of me and made me think. She was simply so, just how do you say it, sweet yet to the point. Type of telling you whereby to go however in a polite way. Guys ago then were still in regulating women mode, so this song probably had more influence top top girls and women than united state guys. A an individual note. Six years later on I remained in the Army, in Vietnam, and also heard this track in a regional off post club. The made me homesick. An excellent song, and message. Joan Cole native Lima, OhI flourished up listening come WAEB (not WAAB) in Allentown, PA...remember Gene Kaye and the dances the would display up at in the sixties.Joan, Lima,OHFarrah native Elon, NcVery feminist indeed!!!Andrew indigenous Birmingham, united StatesHeh, Fyodor from Denver, perhaps visa-versa: the Beatles" "You Can"t perform That!" as a an answer to Leslie Gore"s "You Don"t own Me!". I don"t know, though. I carry out know, however, that the anxiety in those 2 couples - or same couple, whatever it is - is rather extreme. A comes breakup? Probably.Jerry native Brooklyn, NyThis is a striking contrast to the "meek little girl trying to accept her man even though that is a jerk" mentality of "It"s mine Party" and "Judy"s turn to Cry". Leslie likewise recorded "That"s the guys Are", again defending macho idiocy. This might be to very first "feminist" absent hit. And a damn great song it is!Fyodor from Denver, CoFunny, i was just reading up on The Beatles" "You Can"t do That," and also this would certainly have worked perfectly as solution song, although the couldn"t have cause it came first! Ah, the war between the sexes...Billy from Atlanta, GaThe Klaus Nomi version has actually been used on rush Limbaugh"s radio show.Pete from Nowra, Australiaalso a household group by the name of the Ormsby Brothers spanned it , below in Australia, think it gained to number 1 ..good versionFrank from Westminster, ScThere to be a cover version of this track by a very strange German fellow named Klaus Nomi. It needs to be heard to it is in disbelieved.see an ext comments
give It AwayRed hot Chili Peppers

If what girlfriend get equates to what you offer away, friend might also give it all away. That"s the principle behind "Give it Away" by Red warm Chili Peppers.

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close up door TimeSemisonic

"Closing Time" by Semisonic was composed by the command singer once his wife was pregnant. Some of the text are about being born.

sixth Avenue HeartacheThe Wallflowers

Mike Campbell native Tom small & the Heartbreakers play the slide etc on "Sixth way Heartache." over there is a connection here - Wallflowers command singer Jakob"s dad, Bob Dylan, played v Tom small in The travel Wilburys.

ns Feel because that YouChaka cannes

Chaka Khan"s hit "I feel For You" to be written and originally videotaped by Prince 4 years before she covered it.

Le FreakChic

The males from Chic composed "Le Freak" together a blog post to a doorman who wouldn"t permit them into a club. Originally, it was "F--- Off."


Jay-Z"s 2012 "Glory" attributes his daughter Blue Ivy Carter"s cries and also coos. At less than two days old, she came to be the youngest ever attributed artist to function on a Billboard chart when the song debuted top top R&B/Hip-Hop songs at #74.

Jon Foreman of SwitchfootSongwriter Interviews

Switchfoot"s frontman and also main songwriter top top what inspires the songs and also how he obtained the liberty to say exactly what that means.

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chris TomlinSongwriter Interviews

The king that Christian worship music describes talks about writing songs for troubled times.

Amy GrantSongwriter Interviews

The top modern-day Christian artist of every time on song inspirations and also what she learned indigenous Johnny Carson.

Trans spirit Rebels: Songs about TransgenderismSong creating

A background of songs handling transgender issues, special Pink Floyd, David Bowie, Morrissey and also Green Day.

chris Squire the YesSongwriter Interviews

One of the many dynamic base player/songwriters the his time, chris is the only member of correct who has been v the band because they developed in 1968.

Justin Hayward the The Moody BluesSongwriter Interviews

Justin created the standard "Nights In White Satin," yet his fondest musical memories room from a different decade.